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Today 11/25/14 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

They don't value your life. Do not give them your dollars. We need to change the way we go about protest. Our words have no effect on the way they see us. Economic protest is one of many ways we force them to pay us attention. Bundy won't tell you what to do. But he suggest we stand united on this one. Our dollars mean more to the system than our lives and that says a lot. If you don't think boycotting Black Friday is pointless, Check yourself!

Read additional Stories 

Bundy hasn't even began to scratch the surface when it comes to reading all the docs regarding the Grand Jury in the death of Mike Brown investigation. But to form an independent opinion he deems it very necessary (for himself at least) to know facts before spreading his opinion.

Song of The Day 

Ion love you summer. You just another runner, with good hair that the homeys pummeled. 

Pissed Bundy off the Most

Bundy is discontinuing his #SupremeShow. Not forever but indefinitely, its plenty other good shows on #O4TRRadio and plenty better shit on to enjoy. Follow the journey to IG fame by following @Only4TheReal on Instagram. Greater is coming.

Funniest Shit Today

Let's call ole girl Queen Latifah and this was her ode to Nate Dogg. She had to regulate. Zarco had him loose. She tightened his ass up!

Word to the Wise

Save Coupons. Not Hoes

Until we meet again (Tomorrow)



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