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Today 11/7/14 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing

Bundy homey shared this via Facebook earlier and it really caught his attention. '10 ways you're making your life harder' is so insightful that Bundy believes everything living could better themselves with a simple glimpse. We all are guilty of something on this list, check and see what you could do to make your life easier.

Full Article Here 

Song of the day

Swagga deserved this post a few days ago but Bundy just been bumping into too much heat! Swagga and SnapbackOnDaTrack link for some epic real nigga music. Bundy tryna tell you, #DontSleep

Pissed Bundy off the most

Ever heard of Quinshaunta Golden? Neither had Bundy around 1pm this afternoon. But after finding out who she was (and that she was decent looking) Bundy googled her to find out more about Danny Davis' disgraced niece. But Ms. Golden isn't why Bundy is pissed (he is a lil pissed he ain't get to see how fat that ass was). But what really grinded Bundy's gears was this Bundy found more info about Ms. Golden but not what he was looking for. Instead he stumbled on the most ignorant and racist shit he ever laid eyes on (outside of Mississippi Burning). The requirements for this site, You must be non nigger, coal burner, oil drillers or nigger coddlers. They hide membership by not making members use their emails. Bundy ain't pissed, stupid shit for stupid people. But look at how they view us.

Funniest Shit today

IloveMakonenn must've sold the last of that Molly he wasn't selling to dude. After popping the mollythen snorting some coke, having a seizure and then hijacking the ambulance sent to save him. After being arrested he sent the holding cells up kicking and screaming and apparently beating his dick. Bundy can't make this up!

Word to the Wise
Unmet expectations will be at the root of most of your unhappiness in life. Minimize your expectations, maximize your joy.

Until we meet again (Monday)



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