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Focus: Dave Raps (@DaveRapsIll) - In The Valley EP (Review)

Dave Raps has been a favorite of Bundy's for quite some time now and with the release of his new project 'In The Valley' I finally found reason to review an entire project. Dave in my opinion has had flawless projects and his style and ability set him apart from his counterparts who also call themselves independent artist. He again displayed that flair that makes Dave Raps Ill. Enjoy my opinion.

1. All I see - Opens the gates to a whole  new chapter of Dave Raps. The flow I once found close to flawless has been fine tuned. He is even smoother and cerebral with his quotable's.

2. MT. Olympus - Fun, bouncy. A necessary evil of sorts. Not the type of music I check for Dave Raps for but he still is able to sucker you in with the quotable's.
You humming my shit
Ion need to be humble
 And who doesn't appreciate the empowering message he threw into the mix

3. Pimp Prayer - The lead single off the EP, I maybe long for the Dave Ruffin flow that helped shape my view of Dave as a standout. 'Pimps Prayer' gave me flashbacks of that Dave. For that reason and the quotable's you have to hear this.

4. Pyro - It's exactly what the title would lead you to believe. With boasts of legendary status and the quotable lines (in addition to the club ready tempo). It's most definitely a keeper track. Shoutout to his recognition of Master P throughout the EP. We as a generation are quick to forget how important Master P is to the current landscape of music. 100.  

5. Luv Prototypes - The intro alone forced me to love it. This is the type of track I'd force my girl to do everything Dave is depicting in his lyrics. You don't gotta be Jamaican to be Rasta haha! Turn up

 6. Fake - As much as I try not indulge in braggadocios rap, I see things exactly as Dave's describes them. Some people just don't see the power of independent thinking. He is just bragging about being Dave. I can feel that.

7. Rollies

All she do is test me
All she do is text me
Fuck her then show her to the door like Jefferey
Besides that line, I hate this song. Dave still my nigga, but I hate everything about this song. Next

8. Smoke Signals ft Josh Day - Isley brothers and Josh Day handling the hook, Dave had a recipe for success. It would be jumping the gun to say Dave could dominate the Fab & Lloyd Banks lane of bars built into the song for the women. I fux with this.

9. Cuban Links ft Lotto - I only wish Dave and Lotto switched off for a 3rd verse like Old Nas & AZ used to. This track is crazy and they both contribute to it's madness equally and the marching band feel took the track to another level.

10. Live from the Sunset Strip - Bundy's favorite off the EP. Infectious sample the melodic flow along with the early ninety's feel. It's good that Dave can still impress after all this time.

11. He ain't - That laid back borderline lazy flow Mr. Raps has seems to have mastered. Unfortunately unlike so many times before Dave left Bundy uninspired on this go round. Still he had some memorable lines, just don't know how many times I will personally listen to this song.

12. Ni$$a 4 Life - When I received the first submission off 'In The Valley' it was explicitly expressed this EP was going to be like something we never heard from him, This song is the epitome of that statement. An ode to the lady of his life, it is creatively scripted and surprisingly Dave held his own on the harmonious side. 

Overall review 7 out of 10
Solid project, probably my 3rd favorite Dave Raps project but thats not a bad thing. When you've had flawless projects that's just what it is. Still it's great to get some new Dave and it's pretty fucking decent.



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