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Today 1/7/15 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing

Bundy feels obligated to share more insightful and definelty more important news and events when it comes to the 'According to Bundy' daily post. Try this on for size, over the last 100 year how many Chicago mayors have graduated from a Chicago Public High School. Any guess? One. One Mayor has graduated from a Chicago Public High School in 100 year while De Lasalle boasts 4 Mayors who have walked across their stage. Might not seem like that big of deal right, but this furthers the thinking that the person who makes the decisions on our kids educations that we pay for with our tax dollars has no idea what conditions the system he is policing is in. Eye opening article, shout out to thy ChicagoReader, 

Song of The Day

No question Nas is probably Bundy's favorite artist EVER. And this morning he was Youtubin' a Nas playlist and stumbled across his favorite Nas song EVER! Through computer crashes, life, drugs you lose some shit that holds value beyond measure. Nas Lost Tapes was one of those albums and 'U Gotta Love It' is that song.

Made Bundy's Day

Ignorant yes. Epic hell yeah! Shorty showed her man neck love in the middle of Mickey D's. No tnis may not be what you call 'Perfect' But it's life.

Funniest Shit Today

This shit so funny and cool. Increase the peace and never be afraid to be you no matter how outside the norm it may seem.

Word to the Wise

Look way deep inside yourself, discover the diamond inside find your wealth 

Until We Meet Again (Tomorrow) 



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