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Today 3/10/16 According to Bundy Long Johnson

Most Interesting Thing

Few years back Bundy stumbled upon a blog dedicated to these very interesting photos taken by a mysterious woman named Vivian Meier. She took street photos of random people in the streets of Chicago and at the same time captured an essence so touching its hard to explain. Mr. Johnson encourages all lovers of things interesting to check it out on Netflix the documentary is entitled "Finding Vivian Meier". You can see more of her pics on google or by visiting the original joint that put Bundy on here 

Song Of The Day

That nigga Elz out West cuttin up! Jumping on the Big Tymers classic "1 Stunna" and adding that 201 big dawg talk to this epic classic.


Made Bundy's Day

Shoutout shorty and his friends pushing him to achieve a goal he sit for himself. Its a lot of ways to support people, these young men chose the most positive and stood right by their friends side and never let him give up. Made Bundo's day

Word to the Wise

We are not equal my boy. Say you getting money, I see you my boy

Until tomorrow kids



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