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Today 6/29/16 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

Danny Granger was in the NBA and cashed out more on his side hustle. This is a story of a man who never thought about the fame just the fortune and how to keep it coming in and growing. While he says
"I'm rich, I'm not trying to hit the lottery again", when speaking on why he does this. Very interesting, link below

Song of the Day

Its Bundoza Mama birthday!! So his song today is the Intruders classic "I'll Always Love My Mama". If you too young, Your welcome.

part 2

I.B. C.L.A.S.S.I.C. & MC Tree created somethign so epic, Bundo couldn't leave it out! This is Bundo summer anthem.

Pissed Bundy Off

Bundo been hella inconsistent with his "Dailies" but he meant to tell you about Chomo Charlie. The other day Bundoza was enjoying his cigarette break at work and noticed these fliers all over Downtown Chicago. The flyer detailed the exploits of a man named Chomo Charles & his practices with young ladies. Bundo hate a rapist and these allegations are pretty strong. Charles better get him an attorney because he might not ever get a slice of p*ssy in Downtown Chicago again

Funniest Shit Today

Like Bundo 8th grade teacher used to tell him, "niggaz is uncouth".

Words of Wisdom

Shelly Shellz giving away G.A.M.E. for free. Get you some...

Until we meet again



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