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Today 12/19/17 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

Netflix has this new joint dedicated to the Commander and Chief Barrack Obama and whether or not you agree with his policies, Bundo can assure you'll enjoy his movie. Unlike other movies already produced about him, this one focuses on his time in the Early 80's during his time as a Columbia student and the challenges he faced as mixed American that was too dark fr the white world and to light for the black world. Very interesting perspective 

Song of the Day

Big Jimbo and Ogun Pleas created some heat with this latest joint "Respect" off the "Scale Muisc" project. Heating up the winter

Funniest Shit Today


Pissed Bundo Off

Now I rarely watch interviews for any other reason than I want to know more about that artist. Sad to see so many "News sources" or "media outlets" building a brand and promoting not only the city but the culture with the promotion of violence. Of course we can't ignore the fact some artist use violence as a focal point in their music, but to educate the fan on the artist the promotion of the act is unnecessary (in my opinion). You cannot limit yourself with who you work with while trying to push forward, but you do control the image and message that is distributed through your format. We all aware of how "real" it is in this cold cold city, can we work on pushing a different message???

Just a thought

Word to the Wise

Live how you want, not how you should
-Lloyd Banks

Until we meet again 



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