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Today 12/30/16 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

It's about to be 2017. New Years Eve is about to be a real chance to take sum shit down. Watch the Lady you romancing on (especially in Chicago) a disgruntled Fella might pop out the cut and let that b*tch ride!

Song Of The Day

Back when Bundo was still a young bull, he attended a School that celebrated Kwanzaa instead of Christmas. Apart of the strictly Black teachings, it instilled values that are still very much still apart of him. Every year from when he was 5 until about 12 we listened to these songs performed by Baba Steve and Mama Chavunduka (their kids also attended New Concept Development Center) we watched the live performances and the music was raw as hell and teaching our little asses at the same time. Bundo woke up longing to hear his favorite Kwanzaa joint and went to Google and came back with that crack! Today is the 5th Day of Kwanzaa and it is Nia which means purpose. Listen and lets start applying these principles to our lives! (On the Low Baba Steve nem had hits omk)

Funniest Shit Today


Quote of The Day

Are you here for the cause or because?

Until we link again. Happy New Year and



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