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Podcast: 12.29.17 #SupremeShow #O4TRRadio @Mack11maine x @WhiteLyfe

Podcast: @Esc_Deez 12.28.17 on the #SupremeShow #O4TRRadio

Mixtape: Swain - Still Painting Bout The Same Shit (@TeeSwain1)

Mixtape: Gold Haze - Hope You Understand (@GoldxHaze)

Mixtape: OTF Ikey (@IkeyOTF) - Signed To The Family (Hosted By @Samhoody)

Mixtape: Mack 11 x White Lyfe - White Christmas (@Mack11Maine @WhiteLyfe)

DP Tae - Off Top (@DP_Tae)

Today 12.27.17 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 12.25.17 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Podcast: @ElloMafia on the #SupremeShow on #O4TRRadio 12.21.17

Today 12.22.17. According to @Bundy_O4TR

Event: White Nation presents "White Christmas" 12.23.17 (@Mack11Maine @Whitelyfe)

Mixtape: Law Tha Dragon & Bobby Beatz Presents: Family Ties (@law_tha_dragon)


Today 12/20/17 according to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 12/17/17 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 12/16/17 According @Bundy_O4TR

Dxtr Spits ft Chai Tulani & Ace Da Vinci - Know No No (@DXTR_Spits @ChaiTulani @MRSmartmouf)

DXTR Spits features Chai Tulani and Ace Da Vinci for a epic track "Know No No" and not just the track alone a whole visual. Salute to Ace for the shoutout but this song is more than Salute to the gang, this is a vibe. Some shit you can feel #DontSleep

CAIN - Life (@EmceeCain)

Back for the first time, Emcee  CAIN  is running to the battle with a vengeance. Rapping like its his last breath,  CAIN  vibes to a dope bass heavy hip hop beat produced by Youtube Producer Save Allen with new single LIFE. Filled with metaphors and hard bars,  CAIN  spits not only about living til your last breath but gets personal in his rhymes. Mixing story telling and skills,  CAIN  is ready to make a lasting impression on the industry with this single.  #DontSleep