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Today 12/17/17 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important thing to Bundo
512 year old shark

The other day Bundo was boolin reading random internet non sense when he stumbled upon something that has dominated his attention since. Marine biologist have discovered a 512 year old shark in the North Atlantic Ocean and its caused a stir ever since the announcement. While there are different ways scientist can try and confirm the age of the shark, initial reports have confirmed the shark is at least 400. This muhfugga been around since Shakespeare, before America and waaaay before Tupac dropped "Hit Em Up". All jokes aside whether the fucking shark is 200 or 500 this shit is still the most interesting thing today to Bundo

Song of the Day

Three years ago Kanye linked with The Drill G.O.A.T.  Chief Keef for a classic "Nobody".

Made Bundo's day
If I Overhear You Say Something Funny I'll Probably Draw It

Rand across this blog post where the author illustrates all the crazy everyday things people say. #ThingsThatIHear is like the coolest shit ever (You probably gotta be at least 23+ to truly appreciate its beauty) its worth a minute (or 5) of your time. The image above is just a intro of what to expect

Check out more here 

What Grinds Bundo's Gears

This Milf was hitting her students up through WhatsApp to invite these little fucking ungrateful lames to come knock the dust off that old mf. While she did threaten to fail them if they didn't comply (for the life of me I don't know why they had to be threatened with a good time) there was no reason to blow up the spot. Unless high schoolers fucking every single day and night with no worries about when the next piece of ass coming from I just can't see why some bitch made ass kid would tell. Let my teacher be at least this decent, Bundo might still be fucking till this day. One thing is for sure, it grinds Bundo gears that young men don't want no pussy

Read whole article here

Word to the Wise

No matter who the Alderman, Mayor or President is the hood is the hood. We have to save ourselves, nobody will do it for us. Stop looking for people to blame and lets come up with ways to make our hoods better.

Until we link again (Tomorrow) Love, Peace and Prosperity 



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