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Today 12.25.17 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

Spend time with people you love today. Your belief in Christmas, what it stands for or Santa Claus does not matter, but spreading good vibes and cheer is. If you can't dig that, your whole perspective is wack!

Song of the Day

Fuck kinda Christmas is it without Donny Hathaway letting you know wassup? The anthem in any black household i've ever had the pleasure of visiting on the holidays. You probably heard it 20 times today, one more will not hurt!

Funniest Thing Today

Vladimir Putin don't fuck around with no opps!

Made Bundo's Day

Christmas in my family is spent cooling because we celebrate on Christmas eve. Last night was no different and even though every year its mainly the same cast, we had a few additions. Since becoming an adult the time spent around my loved ones decreases a little more every year. This year instead of taking the party elsewhere, we had a card party with my Grandma. Everybody wasn't so enthused about spending the entire evening around my Grandma but they came and went. I spent the duration of my evening playing spades and Rummy with Grandma, Ma and Birdy. Shit def made the Bundo's day!

Word to the Wise

Show love to your enemies, it hurts them more.
-God Jewels

Its so easy to spread hate, but its extremely hard to show love in the face of hate. Recently I've come up against what appears to be hate from an unlikely source. No matter the particulars this person i've known 20 plus years has let whatever he is dealing with cause him to act real bitch made. As angry and upset as I was at first, I just took a step back and saw the whole field. People do things to evoke emotions or to strike a nerve and they get satisfaction by watching you react to their actions. Jay has went as far to keep the camera and charger away from me after trying to reach out to him for days. He won't return the laptop i left in his home or even acknowledge a phone call or text. I borrowed his laptop before his latest episode and offered to return it to him, but to no avail. But no matter what he is going through I love Jay and his entire family and wish him nothing but the best. Him holding on to those belongings slows me temporarily but not for long. This latest dispute is enough to let me know I don't need this man as a friend or business partner. I wish him the best of luck in any endeavor his chooses to pursue and may God bless him abundantly. I thank Jay for everything he has ever done for me and Only4TheReal, but there is no longer a place for him here. As the times move on gotta move on with them. This life shit be bugged the fuck out!

But until we link again, Be genuine and caring and show love to your enemies it hurts them more!



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