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Today 12.27.17 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

Tomorrow night ESC Deez aka Young Diesel will be making an appearance on #O4TRRadio the #SupremeShow with the #SupremeTeam ( Every Thursday is epic and we won't make this one an exception. Pardon our lost shows, but we won't feed into the hateration or holleration in this dancery! All we need you to do is #DontSleep (Tune into the episodes we lost on our Youtube (

Song of the Day
That boa Buck LGR just dropped his latest project 4th Ward Nation ( and issa lot of heat on that joint. This was the joint Bundo enjoyed the most! Check bro whole tape out with the link!

Funniest Shit Today

This nigga public defender wasn't doing his job at all! He let this man get up and sing an apology to the judge, his Mama, and the victim! Free this man ASAP! Bundo know he in that jam after this dumb shit.

Word to the Wise

Shout out Ju Jilla for the word to the wise today, what I took from this is sometimes we look at things as such a disaster when really it is just a part of the process. Stay down through the fire and see what rewards await you in the ashes, Might mean something different to you!

Until we link again, tune into #O4TRRadio tomorrow night with Esc Deez and Friday for a special edition with Mack 11 & White Lyfe. Treat yourself and others with respek and 


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