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Today 1.6.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

Sunday night fuck Shameless! We'll maybe Bundo getting ahead of himself but still Lena Waithe's new show "The Chi" will be the new owner of Sunday night entertainment, Waithe a Chicagoan wrote and is the executive producer for this urban drama based off the city I love and the crazy ass way of life and survival. Without telling you what's going to happen, Bundo can attest that this is truly authentic TV. Certain events evoked emotions and not for the characters, but for the actual residents of this Great city. It's cold here and not just the weather, our hearts, kids and adults alike and this depiction of us doesn't define Chicagoans as a whole. But its still made Bundo say "Damn this shit crazy". Watch and give opinion and tell a friend to tell a friend because this shit was a long time coming!

Song of the Day

Mack 11 be going stoopid and this joint "Juice" off his collaborative effort with WhiteLyfe "White Christmas" been in rotation all week! Go check out #WhiteXmas

Grind Bundo Gears

RIP Lonnie. Death promised to all and there is no way to prepare for it but they took bro on his birthday and there is nothing that makes that ok. Doing this we mix with people and artist from all over and that is what makes us unique. Sometimes its misunderstood because Chicago is defined by sides and we might link with you and your "supposed opp" makes good music so we want to get in tune with him too. We toe a very thin line and are often ridiculed for doing so, but the realist know we ain't pushing violence or on some sneak opp shit. Lonnie understood that well. We fucked with plenty from his side and many from the other side, but bro knew it was all business and all love. He always supported and showed love. It's crazy they killed bro on his birthday and it grinds Bundo's gears!

Funniest Shit Today

On the soul of my Grandson he ain't lying!

Word to the Wise

In summation #Fuck12

Until we link, stay safe, true and real. And



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