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Today 2.15.18 According to @Bundy_o4TR

Most Important Thing 

This man Aaron Fies died a real hero. If you haven;t heard there was a school shooting in Florida yesterday and the gunman killed 17 including Mr. Fies, a security guard a football coach at the school. Mr. Fies, instead of saving his own life and worrying about his own safety, covered the children with his body and took multiple shots from the shooter before dying. Mr. Feis reportedly ran into harms way to protect the kids avoiding evacuation. We all should wish to have a person working with our kids like this. Big homey you died over some dumb shit but you never let deter your heroism. RIP Mr. Feis.

Song of the Day

Seems like a lot of artist did something for V-Day yesterday but none better than dat nigga Ray Illa. He dropped a jewel as we await the arrival of "Supa Ugly Grind 3" produced by VelleGotItJumpin "Love" is unlike any previous Illa i've ever heard, but its heat!

Funniest Shit Today

Cabbage patch face ass nigga!

Word to the Wise

Watching "Coming to America" last night and Lisa asked the congregation to chip in and used this quote. This is how we all feel! 

Until we link again (Tomorrow) show love, tune into #O4TRRadio tonight at 9:13pm my boa Fawty & Co. sliding, 


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