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Today 3.15.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

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Voting seems so pointless right? Like what does it actually change? You've probably voted before (if old enough) did you have any special interest in the election? Did you care? Why did you vote? With election fever at its peak (March 20th turn out & vote in the primaries!) I searched my brain for any reason to care about any races. Life will be the same ole shit regardless fuck a vote! Granted I have voted a few times, a lot less than I should have, but I see the error of my ways. I thought that my one vote was just that, one little vote. In many ways that's correct, but the strength is in the numbers. We shouldn't only concern ourselves with who our president, governor, mayor etc. The alderman. City councilmen, judges because they all matter. They make decisions for us as a whole, we should stop relegating that job to others to select them. Anybody who can vote matters & if you want to matter. Rock the vote. Write down issues you have, find out what's going on in your community & find out how you can affect change. The easiest way to make your vote count, use it. Link with like minded individuals and start small, whether it be just two people and come up with a plan of action to get more people to vote. There are strength in numbers, get yourself a a small group of registered voters dedicated to issues that affect you all & start a course of action in getting those things done. First you've gotta register next you gotta vote. Confused about who to punch in on March 20th? Below it's details on who we recommend for judges

The Primary Election will be March 20, 2018.  You will have the opportunity to elect judges who will have an impact on your life and the quality of justice afforded in our court system.  Go to the back of the ballot, and select your judicial candidates first.  Listed below are judicial candidates which I recommend that you support.  All of them have been recommended by the Cook County Bar Association.    Vote Early.  

121        Oran F. Whiting
127        Jonathan Clark Green
130        Tom Sam Sianis
133        Rosa Maria Silva
134        Thomas F. McGuire
136        Preston Jones, Jr.
139        Cecilia Anne Horan
141        Clare Joyce Quish
146        Bradley R. Trowbridge
147        Jack Hagerty

1st Subcircuit
152        Erika Orr

2nd Subcircuit
152        Fredrick H. Bates
153        William H. Laws
155        Toya T. Harvey
157        Travis Richardson
159        Debra A. Seaton
162        Devlin Schoop

3rd Subcircuit
151        Patrick Thomas Stanton

5th Subcircuit
152        H. Yvonne Coleman
155        Marian E. Perkins
158        Robert Harris

6th Subcircuit
152        Kent Delgado
156        Andrea Michelle Webber
157        Linda Perez

8th Subcircuit
154        Robin Denise Shoffner
160        Athena A. Farmakis
162        Myron Mike Mackoff

10th Subcircuit
152        Gwyn E. Ward Brown
157        Jill Rose Quinn

11th Subcircuit
151        Joanne F. Rosado

14th Subcircuit
151        Marina E. Ammendola

Song of the Day

Throwback Mack 11 on this beautiful Thursday we all atleast once a day "feel like snappin"

Funniest Shit Today

Whole party goofy as hell but its funny as hell as well

Part Deux

Word to the Wise

Bro take it from her before you break up with her young boa

Until we meet again, keep them tacos ducked and checkout Only4TheReal Radio


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