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Today 3.19.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing 
Lloyd Banks In Concert

My sister knew just how to fuck up my Saturday morning. She tagged me in a link (certain people's 
tags I never check but hers are always guaranteed to be something worth the click) and once I proceeded to follow said link, my fucking heart dropped. was reporting that G Unit rapper Lloyd Banks was announcing his retirement from rap. I'm not as well versed in new Lloyd Banks (I still check his new singles often) but the actual news of somebody who was so influential on my artistry was calling it quits on his own. A range of emotions set in but genuine sadness was the one that was most prevalent. Lloyd Banks was who coined the phrase "Only for
The Real" I flipped it to fit our needs here (he made it a hot line, Bundo made it a hot blog) but the influence is undeniable. The interviews that we conduct that are entitled #SaluteToTheReal another product of Mr. Banks. Shhhhhiiiiiit even our first motto "Don't be a waste of time, be important" was a Lloyd Banks quote. He inspired me to rap (a dream I abandoned many moons ago) not only to just rhyme but to have a message in the music. Lloyd Banks is one of Bundo's biggest influences all facts no cap. So as i went through YouTube damn near in tears remembering the times and mixtapes that shaped me as a youth and young man I was notified by my little cousin first that Banks was trolling. Once I found out why he did it, I was salty. He said he wanted to get people's attention because they only care when you done or die not when you drop new shit. Banks got niggaz back in order. He a bitch for putting us through that. 

Song of the Day 

In honor of his epic Troll today's tune is Lloyd Banks "Time to Chill". I remember I listening to this 1000's a day in 2006 stressing over what felt like epic issues. In 2018 it's just as effective but with a whole lot more complex issues. Timeless music 

Funniest Shit Today

No matter the year, the circumstances or the occupant this was nor will it ever be acceptable. Whomever constructed this need to be jailed for crimes against limo's and Pontiac's. One thing for certain you ain't seen nothing funnier today! 

Word to the Wise

It's all fine and fucked up at the same time
I feel like they dealt me a card that ain't mine 

Keeping with the Lloyd Banks theme an excerpt from the aforementioned "Time to Chill" joint, we all can relate. Whether you in 8th Grade, High School, College or at work this shit is a one size fits all kind of thing.

Until we link again tomorrow, checkout The #SupremeShow below with Landon Battles from last Thursday night and tune in every Thursday 9:13pm with the drop down menu above. Listen whenever just #DontSleep


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