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Today 5.10.18 According to Bundy

Most Interesting Thing

Netflix is home to some of the coolest and weirdest shows and 3% falls smack dead in the middle of both categories. Now Bundoza won't write a long ass review about the show (Google and find some decent reviews), but one person I will put focus on is Fernando. The show is based in Brazil and English isn't even the language of origin but Netflix makes none of that your concern. They translate the show entirely and you won't miss a beat (I think, I am not Bilingual). But anyway Fernando is unique for many reasons, he is wheel chair bound and fucking. Now I thought from the waist down means everything is out of order, but Fernando proves otherwise when he picks up some meat in Season 1. Watching it I was like woooooow my nigga Fernando about to beat "The Process"in his wheelchair while everybody else able bodied and then I was going crazy when I saw him beat the cheeks. Fernando is the real MVP. Bundo is currently working on Season 2 but the show as a whole gets a full endorsement.

Song of the Day

Tonight 9:13om right here on tune into the #SupremeShow and get your mf condoms ready. Topic of tonight is "What songs did you use on your mix cd's when you made it for sex". Doesn't matter who or what you seek sex from (no kids no animals or raping period) link up with some meat you trying to feel, press play and chill.

Funniest Shit Today

Man Bro you still fucked and that is all that matters. But still this is the funniest shit today!

Word to the Wise

Let the dollars circulate!

Until we link again, check Only4TheReal Radio tonight 9:13pm 


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