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Today 5.15.18 According to Bundy

Most Interesting Thing

Racism is not new and in my opinion its not very interesting. Racism will never stop and we should pay attention to its evolution and adjust accordingly. Racism is not presented in the ways it was to our Grandparents or even our parents and with that being the case we must combat the hate in a whole different way. If you haven't watched the video of the Oakland woman harassing a black man barbecuing at the beach for using a charcoal grill, please give it the 2 minutes needed to see this fuckery. She is well within her rights to call the Police if she feels, but I urge all black people to do the same, When you see White People and they make you uncomfortable, call the police just as they do. They call whether or not a crimes been committed, we should exercise our right to make them as uncomfortable as they make us. I am from a community where any contact with law enforcement is scrutinized heavily, but in order for things to change we must change our approach. Make White people uncomfortable all Summer 18!

Song of the Day

Brother Bill will bring an unspeakable joy with this classic "Lovely Day". Rain, sleet, hell or snow this will make it all right. all fakts

Part Deux

The Big Tymers back and this shit is heat!

Funniest Shit Today

Man I wish I needed my hair done, I would slide straight to Harvey, Illinois where if you're unhappy with your services, your beautician will bless you with a lil twerk session. Her reaction to this unsatisfied customer makes this the funniest shit today hands down.

Word to the Wise

I'd love to go back to when we played as kids, but things change and that's the way it is!

Until we link again, Tune into #Only4TheRealRadio and continue showing love


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