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Today 5.16.18 According to Bundoza

Most Interesting Thing

Maaan this shit is crazy. Everyday Bundoza prides himself on sharing something little known or at least a valuable opinion and today will not disappoint.. While scrolling the Facebook Bundo stumbled upon a meme (The one posted above) detailing a river in the UK that if you fall into you are GUARANTEED to die. At first Bundo was in complete disbelief, could the people who encounter the river be that poor at swimming that they all just perished? Is there some mysterious force snatching souls from the bottom of the river? The next step in the process was google and once that happened it was simply mind boggling how deadly and how many people have actually perished at the hands of the Bolton Strid. 

This man gave a quick history lesson on the Strid and actually gets into great detail about why the river is so dangerous. Bundo can't be the only one hoping that dude would've submerged a camera into the water so we can see the beauty of this natural creation. He kept it 100 in his reason for not doing so (he pussy lol). But to those who are just learning about this amazing place, he gave us a perfect introduction. His exploitation inspired Bundo to seek more knowledge on the situation, how many people have actually died? How did this folklore start? Can you throw a person in and would it be murder. Below are a few links I used to answer some of the questions I had. Use them or Google the subject and prepare to be  blown away by the facts. 

Song of the Day

JuiceWrld will be a household name very soon, so get acquainted beforehand. This has been on repeat for almost a week and finally I'll share in the good shit. Press play and vibe

Funniest Shit Today

Pops loves Booger sugar and he is the funniest shit popping today!

Word to the Wise

Rap games easy, but the dope game gravy!
-OJ The JuiceMan 2007 A.D. 

Until we link again tomorrow, tune unto the #MoBBedition of the #SupremeShow and stay blessed


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