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Today 5.17.18 According to Bundo

Most Interesting Thing 

Bundo personally doesn't know many people who haven't indulged in the sweet euphoria of marijuana smoke. The users and reasons they use it vary and no matter what it is, just roll up! I love Vice News and often use the stories as "The Most Interesting Thing" but this story is much more personal. Vice took the stories of  few ex smokers and detailed why they stopped smoking and the benefits. Granted this wasn't an inspiration to stop (life has forced me to abandon my relentless pursuit of marijuana)  but it was an indicator that Bundoza is moving in the right direction. No matter what your relationship is with weed this article and the stories told in it might have you feeling a way (on purpose). And while Bundoza might not ever stop smoking he will try. All fakts (No cap!)

Song of The Day

Bruh don't let your girl catch you watching Official's latest video "Weed and Sex". I know, I know we just talked about slowing down on the weed consumption but the reason this is the song of the day is clearly the sex! Nelly is sitting somewhere smiling (as he should)

Funniest shit Today

Not a huge Lebron fan (But Bundo no hater) I respek his greatness, but fam you gotta feel dude on this one. Clearly the funniest shit you'll see today! Promise

Word to the Wise

You got a minute for your son father? I need to talk
I'm so tired of tryn run Father, let's take a walk.

Until we link again (tomorrow) listen tonight to Only4TheReal Radio baybee 9:13pm


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