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CJ Run - 747 & Indigo

CJ Run is a queer non binary hip-hop artist from the UK (CJ's words not mine). Beyond sexual preference and identification CJ is a helluva rapper? singer? Whatever you classify the music as, the shit is hot. Often I hear music and quietly think, is the artist doing something different just for the sake of being different? But listening to both "747" and "Indigo" the mash up of cultures, influences and general life experience create a portrait of somebody channeling what makes them different and making some pretty cool music while doing so. 

"747" (my least favorite of the two but still effective) is an airy and CJ boasts about being "big enough" and wanting "to be the best rapper alive". A fast paced intro that neither defines CJ or sets you up for what you hear next.

"Indigo" is CJ harmonizing and spitting all on this slowed down, R&B and hip-hop mash up. This one might make your "getting some pussy" playlist for sure.

CJ Run is worth a listen so take my advice and press play and press share. Tell a friend to tell a friend,




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