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Today 6.25.18 According to Bundoza

Most Important Thing

Fuck 12 and this puss ass dog. Think about how many plugs will be dry because of this fucking mutt! Ten million dollars in street value! Weed heads will feel this loss all over the State. One thing we can count on the Police to do is make a senseless ass arrest. Yet every night the streets of Chicago turn into a purge but they are worried about the weedman. Free Jason Tanner (and everybody he about to tell on)

Song of the Day

Last Monday Bundoza suggested the world checkout "Aura" by Money Man and after a week in rotation he is updating that suggestion. While "Aura" is a standout track the entire project "6 hours part 2" deserves to be put on repeat and shared to the world

Funniest Shit Today

Weed is cool. Everyday it seems like it another way to consume it or a new stronger version of it. To each his own. This young man is "dabbing" and apparently he is attempting to kill himself. If the weed make me do this, Doza don't want it. But this is the funniest shit he's seen today

Word to the Wise

Lesson learned

Until we link again enjoy all things Only4TheReal (especially the radio)


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