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EL Hitta - Burnem Up

  El Hitta keeps that shit coming and its only getting better and better, "Burnem Up" is this man in rare form. 

Focus: Jeezy vs Gucci (A Recap)

  Never would I ever believed that I'd live to see two things, one being the Cubs winning the World Series (2016 WS Champs bitch) and the other was the wild and crazy event we all witnessed last night. A therapy session masked as a Verzuz Battle that featured, highs, lows and mentions of dead locs and so much more. But while it seemed like a battle for a while, Jeezy clearly came out the victor (if we judge strictly on the playlist), the vibe and tone (in my opinion) clearly said something else.  Watching and taking the subsequent trip down memory lane, was both fun and kind of boring in a sense. While their personal issues clearly made the event more fit for Pay Per view (why giveaway what you can sell?) the music with an exception of a few songs just didn't seem timeless. Thug Motivation 101 sure was fucking hittin, but besides that it was kind of disappointing the selection choices of both artist. With a big exception to "Truth" and "1st day out" either t

WC x O4TR Drive-Thru Pop Up Shop 11.14.20 12 - 6pm

Commemorating the "OverConsumption" release from Walking Canvas Brand, Saturday November 14, 2020 in coordination with Only4TheReal. Slide through and shop, eat a little drink a little and enjoy the show. The Supreme Show will be broadcasting live during the event and we need drops so even if you can't afford to shop, slide and show us some love. Follow the directions on the flier because it's imperative you  #DontSleep