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#O4TRRadio EP Six: 2020, You Ah Bitch

  On this episode we are joined by AMillie aka Alisha Miller 1/2 of The Saucey Girls and comedian and we kick it off with "OFNG (On Foe Nem Grave)" and explain why we just need a new start with a new calendar year. We move on to discuss Young Thug's recent remarks about Jay-Z and why we love Thug but he needs to chill. It's then time for the "NYAB (Nigga You Ah Bitch)" segment and the award was given to the whole calendar year of 2020. It's been a challenge of epic proportions, learning experience and heartbreaking (RIP Kobe). We move to "Salute the Real (Supporting Black Owned Businesses) and the selections this week were @TheRealBriahBanks on IG and her new Wine Company @Blesserlabeaute. Alisha's Pick was @e_alluretresses for hair needs and we wrap it all up with "4 Useless Facts"

King SVN ft Broadway 75th - Yea Yea

  Some don't wait for a calendar switch to get a head-start on big goals and King SVN falls in that column. Bringing along Broadway, SVN changes up the pace with this latest effort "Yea Yea", Bootys will shake, speakers will quake its up to you if you’re ahead of the trend or on the porch! #DontSleep available on all platforms

Trello - Intro

 Trello and Kold View Films put together some work for "Intro", watch as he pours his pain out and adds a fitting visual #DontSleep

Video: EL Hitta - Talk My Shit (@elhitta)

  El Hitta brings some heat during Winter with "Talk my shit" directed by @Yo_PierreFilms. Dawg really one of the most consistent in the city and if you not paying attention that a shame, but better let than never #DontSleep

Episode Five: A Supreme Christmas (Memories, Stimmys, Donny T, Lori & more)


Episode Four: Love Yourself (The Supreme Show)

On this episode we open up with "OFNG (On Fo New Grave) discussing the Covid-19 vaccine and unique ways the government can incentivize people to take it. Then the discussion moves on to DJ Akademiks and his ClubHouse debut that had plenty of people panties in a bunch, it's then time for the first #BangorNah from King SVN ft Broadway - Yea Yea (available everywhere 12.29.20 ) We move on to award the "NYAB (Nigga You Ah Bitch)" honors to Brother Baines from the Malcolm X movie fame. Slimy! #BangOrNah time again this time it's Baha Banks - Sweat ( ) It's then time to "Salute The Real (Support Black Owned Business)" and this weeks choice Renita Davis (@Barbz_Back on instagram) owner and operator of and on to the "4 Useless Facts" of the week and finally "Perspective" where the discussion is simple "Love Yourself, niggaz ain't got no love for

Episode Three: Cheap or Broke of The Supreme Show

Ep 02: PS5, Twerkin and The Letter H The Supreme Show

  This week opens up with "OFNG" and a plea with Sony to get off their bitchassness and put PS5 on the streets. The first selection of "Bang or Nah" Wopster 19 - Chanel and we move forward with "Nigga you ah bitch" awarded to Kevin Kelly of True Kitchen in Dallas. This weeks "Salute to the Real (Supporting Black Businesses)" is Harold's Chicken on 87th and The Dan Ryan in Chicago, (they got it on the chicken!) and then the return of "4 Useless Facts" and we end it with "Perspective" and Doza locks in on Jamaican's and their trouble with the letter H. Enjoy in smaller doses as well Listen on Spreaker 

Ep 01: 11.26.20 A Supreme Thanksgiving #O4TRRadio

  Back with a new format but same great time. We open with the "OFNG" Segment discussing "Covid Cancelling Thanksgiving (somewhat)", Jeezy vs Gucci and President-elect Joe Biden's GoFundMe. In the mix we sprinkle in the "Bang or Nah" submissions for this week, 1. TY1_The Official - BMO 2. KIING - Enough is Enough 3. Wally Wess - Vevue Then we award the recipent of the "Niggaz you's ah bitch" segment to Quando Rondo for his fuckery and close with "Perspective" about "promises and there need to be kept". Enjoy your second or third plate and enjoy the Supreme Show. (We don't own the rights to the music) Consume in small doses