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T.O. Tha President

This morning I was over @ Fake Shore Drive and saw some track posted by a Chicago artist named Nick & Beans. Plain and simple track was horrible and that made me think about Artist I know who don't get plug on well known websites. I bring you to "T.O. The President". I've known dude for sometime now, and he just came home. T.O. is cut in the mold of OJ Da Juiceman with his uptempo flow and fast tracked bass heavy beats. No bullshit I was skeptical at first about my niggaz flow, but It's something I have come to enjoy. I got some exclusive freestyles by T.O. I'll upload em later. Shout out Lipz, Rob G and T.O. whole team. Hit my nigga up!

Ringtones available!

Focus: Ben Gordon

Today's focus is on the Best kept secret in Chicago. No, we haven't found evidence of Corruption in the office of our great Mayor Daley, instead we'll focus on a sports figure. Ben Gordon became the first rookie to win NBA Sixth Man of the Year in the 2004-05 season. That same year he should have also been Rookie of the Year but because of "unwritten law" he couldn't win both. But anybody who follows Bulls basketball knows Gordon is a special player. The Bulls im my eyes up to this point have not realized the gem they have in Gordon and have tried always to "upgrade" the Shooting Guard position. What they have not realized is that a true star is playing his role and should reward him by signing him for the long term. But we know the Bulls......They'll fuck it up horribly. Tyson Chandler, Eddy Curry, Ron Artest, Brad Miller, Elton Brand, etc. You see where i'm going with this!

The way I see it...Volume 1

Blago Busted!

Honestly, everybody is in a frenzy acting as if something new has occurred. Not the first time it's been said but fuck it, We the people know, this problem will never go away. Somebody is going to steal. At least I do and as a life long resident of the Land of Lincoln I am opposed to a special election or a Impeachment movement. Fuck it, if it is as costly as proposed, let him step down in shame or let his ass be watched every minute like a like a cluck at your crib. I like Rod, he is never afraid to talk shit about somebody doing the same about him. Never hesitates to show up at annual events in the hood without 1,000,000 officers, takes questions, shakes hands all that good shit. Sure he was wrong and probably will lose his job, but tell the truth, if just selecting somebody could secure any of us re-election, job security, Wifey cash, shit in today's times be lucky enough to not smack your whip on these un-shoveled un-salted Chicago streets you'd be stand…