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Focus: Saturday Nite Pheature by Phenomenal 1

  My dude Phenomenal 1 posted this on this blog, and I'm passing the message on! Here it is you gonna get down? Attention MC's and rappers do you have the skills it takes to battle it out with other MC's to win cash and prizes? The Saturday Night Pheature is your opportunity to step up, show and prove! Saturday Night Pheature is the newest artist showcase exposing talent in Chicago to an excited crowd of music lovers. Are you ready to step up to the mic in this competition? Wanna win the $$$ money??? Here are the rules! The battles will be a single elimination blind draw tournament. Similar to The NCAA basketball tournament format but seeding will be determined by a blind drawing of numbers. After determining your place in the bracket you will battle it out with the person that drew against you for 3, one minute rounds each. At the end of the three, 1 minute rounds the crowd will determine the winner by round of applause. If you win you move on one step

Salue to The Real: Add-2 "Luxury" video (Vote Now @ MTVU)

Add-2 is on the rise. The Chi always knew he was talented but the rest of the WORLD now has an opportunity to see Add in all his glory. He recently submitted his video "Luxury" for air-play on MTV now that he has surpassed that hurdle, he needs the fans to step up and deliver. Add is currently locked in a tight contest with other "Freshman" artist on MTVU and he needs you to go to the site ASAP and vote as many times as possible. Chicago Look Out!  Go to and vote NOW! Add-2 is OFFICIAL If you didn't know. Go ahead check him out! Add-2 - Locker Room stories  Add-2 - Starter Jacket

Focus: ESC Radio TONIGHT W/ Hunnid Grand!

You READ it Right! My dude Hunnid will be hitting the air waves tonight via ESC radio hosted by Kwesi and Freemont Jackson. Hunnid is there to promote his TWO upcoming albums "Order from Chaos" and his major label debut "Count Bass"  Tune in. If you live within 13 miles of Lewis University, tune your   radio to 88.1 FM.            CLICK HERE TO STREAM! REMEMBER ITS EVERY THURSDAY FROM MIDNIGHT TO 3   the stream also works with smart phones, so click above to tune in from your phone! If you need software, there are iphone apps available, and you can check pocket tunes or windows mobile depending on your phone OS. ...artists send music to: Before the show, check out this heat from Hunnid Grand HunnidGRAND-Chedda Check (prod. by Juanny Socrates) by TasteOfTheGo

Damn That's some Real Talk! - Control of the Conn

Relationships can be compared to a lot of things. Tug of war, Pool, etc. Have you ever thought of comparing it to Crimson Tide? In the movie Crimson Tide Denzel Washington was in control of the submarine, (thus in control of the " Conn ') But Gene Hackman was the Captain and some Crew thought it would be better if Hackman was in Control of the Conn. So a divide and subsequent small war ensued on the ship. Blah Blah Blah The point is instead of really working together in a relationship, we all vie for Control of the Conn. Nobody wants to play #2, so everyone wants to be the boss. We will not stop until we have control of the conn. Fearing the possibility of hurt or disappointment, we never allow someone else partial/full control of the relationship we are both involved in. I bet it makes a whole lot more sense now! If not, See Crimson Tide.

Salute to the Real - Walking Canvas - (Haiti Relief Effort)

Walking Canvas is releasing an exclusive tee with 100% proceeds going towards the Haiti relief effort. Until now haven't seen any reason to say anything regarding Haiti. (You can get "Real" news from a much more reliable source, our thoughts and wishes are with the victims) Please if you are looking for a cause to Donate to, I would suggest you support these dudes. Check out their site  A message from the "Walking Canvas Boyz" We wanted to give you all a look at the tee that will be available for purchase very soon. If you haven’t heard by now, 100% of the proceeds from your purchase of this tee will go towards Haiti relief. The supply is limited, so if you were looking for a way to give to the cause, please don’t hesitate.  If its your cup of tea. Go ahead cop one or ten. Support Something Real!  

Pay Attention! *New* Rob-G - Donkey (Heat!)

New Rob G. So Hood Ent. On a Mission in 20-10. Keep it coming! Rob G. - Donkey

Focus: Real T@lk - Mo Better Mixtape

If you never heard of Real T@lk, be ashamed. (I was at first but I don't like living in the past.) He's an artist hailing from Peoria, now repping Chicago-land by way of Maywood, he shot his mixtape over and before I blessed you with it I had to see what it was about. Lyrically this man is insane, he gives off a Kweli, Mos Def feel. Truthfully he sounds more poet than rapper. Anyway he is just what we look for over here at O4R. Good, Real Music. Download The Mo Better Mixtape by clicking on the Mixtape Cover at the bottom of the Page. Hit him up at one of these variety of links and tell the brother if you feeling him or not. RealTalkThePoet SoulFreshMusicGroup < captainhollywood86/playlist/ 5M-zJuAc/real-tlk-the-mo- better-mixtape-music-playlist > http://www.bestmusiconcampus. com/band/default.aspx?bandID= 2493 http:// http://www.JukeSquadW

Official - Mike Nitty - Ghetto Brick Road + The Game Needs Me

My dude Mike Nitty shot over two exclusive Tracks off his upcoming mixtape "Ghetto Brick Road". The first is the Title track and its COLD! Second Track is called "What The Games Been Missing" and of you are from the Chi, You need to be blasting it like..... RIGHT NOW! Mike Nitty official wit it & hopefully I can keep blessing ya'll with his exclusives. Mike Nitty - Ghetto Brick Road Mike Nitty - The Game Needs Me Hit Mike Nitty up @ The Following links and tell that Brother if you feeling (or not). Facebook: Search  Mike Nitty

Whats the Best Chicago anthem?

While riding the train I came to a realization. Months ago while in search of something new to listen to, I stopped listening to a lot of mainstream artist (with an exception of a few) and started listening to more Chicago underground Artist. Naturally all artist love to rep where they come from and Chicago is no different. Since this morning I've been unable to stop listening to all the music I recently added to my new Mp3 player but the ones about Chicago stick out the most. A few weeks ago I was @ my dude home and like always we politic bullshit talk money, music, women and Just-pay said "No Chicago song is F*cking with Crown of he Midwest". At the time we argued for a nice minute about our difference in opinion. I now give you the chance to prove me right or wrong. Crown of the Midwest is classic but their are some true gems to choose from.  I'll give you three Selections and you make your own decision. JustPay - Crown of

Esohel "Up Early-The Slept On Mixtape" Mixed by DJ Poor + Esohel "City My Luv" Feat. Hazel

Got an exclusive from my dude Esohel and he blessed me with 2 things. One a BANGER for Chicago hip-hop heads called "City My Luv" ft. Hazel. Its official & You know I got it for you. Last but not least he sent me the new mixtape Esohel "Up Early-The Slept On Mixtape" Mixed by DJ Poor . Check him out he does not dissapoint. You can hit Esohel up a variety of ways so let me give em to you and you can give him some feedback. Please check him out! It well worth you time!    Esohel "Up Early-The Slept On Mixtape" 67f1cc7ab6c6eeff9011221b9c48fd c1 Esohel ft Hazel - City I Luv

#NoFuckNiggaz A Movement

NoFuckNiggaz is a Real movement. It's not meant to be funny or a joke. If you actually think about the useless and nothing-ass people you encounter every single day. You could do waaaay better without the distraction. NoFuckNiggaz is a pledge, to stop letting Fuck-niggaz distract you from what is important. To stop involving yourself with the Fuck-nigga variety and involve yourself with something REALER! Just commit to staying FuckNiggaFree!

Happy New Year!