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What You On?:

I switched my motto Instead of saying fuck tomorrow That Buck that bottle  Could've struck the lotto Nas wasn't just Rapping. As I mature I'd like to think I have learned from my money mistakes in the past. The value of a Dollar earned is so much greater now. The desire to be rich cannot be in everyone, because when do we wake up, and start valuing every dollar as if it were the last one on earth. Make smarter decisions with every dollar & try to cash in on all opportunities. So now, What you on?

Brand New M.Rex - Look in my Eyes

Rex making it hard to ignore him now. "Kush in my Cigar" the first single he leaked is "Official" and now he teams with J. Fresh for another hustler's anthem "Look in my eyes". With all this good music, he needs support. Next time you riding smoking (Kush Only) Bump "Kush in my cigar". If you like what I call "Trap Rap" Look in my eyes needs to be bumped too. STOP SLEEPING ON REX! For Good Measure   Stop sleeping on M.Rex, hit him up. Let him know who put you on!

#RealniggaShit: Ron Artest

Rooting for Boston it is hard to watch them celebrate. But Ron Artest the REALIST Dude in the NBA helped me find a reason to enjoy the victory. Real people do real things, and the first thing Artest did was thank his Hood, Family, Doctors. Gotta love and respect a real nigga. 

Ayo - We Do This

Back at it, Ayo releases a new track entitled "We Do This". Be on the lookout for a whole lot more from Ayo iin the coming months. We Do This Share your opinion, if you feeling it or not. Hit Ayo up @ the following Locations

Focus: Pro2je

It's not "New", but it is Exclusive! Pro2je sent this over & I think it's bout time ya'll pay attention to this dude. These 2 tracks your being blessed with, come from   "live from the house of pain" wit UKs own Dj Ames. Take my word for it "Focus on Pro2je" (Have I let you down yet?) Ransom OD on Life Ya'll enjoy, Let my dude know how you feeling it!

Don't sleep!: Kil Ripkin - "Not You

Kil Ripkin sent this over and its entitled "Not You" Directed by Science Projects and Produced by Eric G. It has a good message, sounds like he had this one written down for a while. It has that Nas Late 90's sound. Check it out let me know what you think. Hit Kil up & let him know something.  

P1’s 2Cents: Flake Is Only 1 Letter from Fake

Considering this blog is called  I think it’s only appropriate that I address some of the things that separate “the real” from the Fake.  Fake is defined by as: anything that is made to appear other than it is.  Fake is also a noun used to describe a person that fakes.  Now, having been in entertainment for sometime, I know firsthand that there are a lot of Fakes in the game.  There are too many to count inside the industry, more concerned with their image than the real, but what some people don’t consider is the outside Fakers. We will call these people the Flakes.  We all have met flaky people in life, hell at some point or another I am sure we can look inside and honestly say that we have been the Flake. (I know I have)        So the Flake, or Flaky person, is that person that always says “yeah ill be there” but then never shows up.  It’s an inevitable reality in my line of work as the smallest things often deter people from coming out. “Oh it was r

It's Coming!: New Walking Canvas (Coming Soon!)

New Walking Canvas on the way! Be on the lookout! Check em out!