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T-Y Green x GLC - Out Here In It

The Gooch brought out GLC for his latest banger 'Out Here In It'. Beat crazy (produced by RoDaddy), bars crazy, artwork fucking insane. You should've been pressed play by now.

Neak | The Kids (video)

Neak and APJ Films ALWAYS link for a mind blowing visual. This time they brought 2! Neak hits us with "The Kids" a track he realeased last week that is featured on RA_NYC's  'BRTH A N8tn' compilation that came out a few weeks ago []. I have the regular version posted for your viewing pleasure. Interested in the uncensored version (NSFW but its cold) link below.
Uncensored version here -

Frenico - Ridin' In My Old Skool

If I had an old school, i'm sure this would play all day today. Frenico dropped off some sounds for the Summer all can feel 'Ridin In my Old Skool' produced by Viler Production and is off his upcoming August release "Good Vibes, Loud Music". Give it a listen & DL.

Trey P ft Boss KO - Why You Hatin

Trey P & Boss KO link for some sounds of the summer. 'Why You Hatin'. TGF working hard n some quality music, here's just another example.

Real T@lk (@realtalkraps) - Summer 2013 (Video)

Before I tell you how cold this shit is, let me let you in on something. It's levels to this shit. Real T@lk on this one passed them all. 'Summer 2013' should be what get everybody attention about this brother. He is simply other worldly with that word play & delivery and went so hard on this one, I couldn't even catch everything he said in 3 listens. You need to be in tune ASAP!

PC - Live 2wice

PC dropped off his Paris Beuller produced single 'Live 2wice'. Real music you need to be in tune with.

R.E.D. Bricks - Money Route (Video)

R.E.D. (Real Every Day) Bricks sent this through 'Money Route' directed by Tai Kash  of the Victorious Villians. Inspirational stoner music. I'm wit it.

ACE B8gie ft. Kon, Giftz - CASHualty

Ace B8gie is gearing up for another 'Crazy8s' EP due out soon. He brought out the squad for this one Kon & Giftz for this Bobby Johnson produced banger entitled 'CASHualty', I'm sure the people gon feel. All you gotta do now is

Spenzo - Hang With Me

Spenzo goes in on the Chicago smash hit by P.Rico "Hang With Me" shot by Elevator

DGainz ft Max-A-Million - Me Against The World

DGainz X Max-A-Million X Me Against The World

D-Flaire ft E-Man - The World Is Mine

D-Flaire's new single, "The World Is Mine" ft. E-Man, The UC collabo

Youngsta 'The 80s Baby' - 24K Promo

Youngsta 'The 80s Baby' Drops PROMO 2 for his New Official Project **24K** (The Mixtape) Hosted By DJ Stefan Ponce which will be Dropping JUNE 2013 via DatPiff and and

Blanco Caine ft Tree & Mikkey Halsted - Front My Move (remix)

We all know at least one person out here frontin they move, by views, followers etc but get in tune with the remix

eGo - Pussy Face

eGo channels his inner R&B thug and decides to go in over R Kelly's 2009 hit  Number One so check out "Pussy Face" and be on the lookout for more from eGo

Vic Spencer ft Tha Guyver & Cokcy -Mysterious Colors

"Mysterious Colors" Vic Spencer X Tha Guyver X Cocky produced by the homie  Nasim Williams and producer everyone should be in tune with  #NoLie

Dope Fantasy - Real Hip Hop (Video)

Hip-hop at it's finest. This not FLEX music. Dope Fantasy dropped off their latest visual 'Real Hip Hop' directed by Brianna Lashe'. Take my advice

Xspo Feat. The Boy Illinois - Time

Xspo 7 The Boy Illinois link for some heat for the people entitled 'Time'. Band news for those who want to take it with em, no Download link. But Stream it, like it, and 

Justiiice | "Surrender" (video)

Justiiice sent his latest visual 'Surrender' directed by Four Star Chicago & produced by Noah Sims. It's different, but it's hot. So it's here.

King Samson - Save-A-Lot

Samson goes in on a interesting beat and comes out with "Save-A-Lot" shot by Mal Vision

KillaTwilla ft Fat Trel - I Ain't Been Da Same

KillaTwilla X Fat Trel X I Ain't Been The Same

Chubb Baybee - Fuck All Acting (Preview)

Full video coming soon

Call Me Ls - In Time

Call Me Ls makes his return to the Chicago music scene with his latest single  "In Time" produced by Chase N Dough. Some smooth shit to sit back and vibe to  Enjoy 

BossManMajor - I Aint Sleepin Freestyle/Hatin Niggas (video)

Bossman Major back on his shit with his latest visual "I Ain't Sleepin/ Hatin Niggas'. Directed by    @Stacks_GCMG he puttin the world on notice

#SaturdaySlaughter Week 4 Mike Will - Too Cool

This is week 4 of 74 consecutive weeks of #SaturdaySlaughter, in which Chicago emcee & native "MIKE WILL THE GREAT" (@TheRealMikeWill) aka Mr. "Murder Wita Pen" of "M3 INT" & "FAMO Ent" will be releasing new material everySaturday. This week he spits over "Too Cool" which was one of the biggest underground hits that catapulted "King Louie" to the top of the Chicago music scene, to now being featured on "Kanye West "Yeezus" album. So It's only right he pay homage by murdering the beat. Also be on the look out for an extended version on "Chi Tunes II" featuring "7pm" (@7pM3).

Spenzo - We Ain't Fun Nun

Spenzo "We Ain't Fun Nun" In Spenzo We Trust drops July 15th

Yung Brody - Damn Thing

Yung Brody "Damn Thing" shot by We The Villains

Wooh from Taliban - Taliban FBG

Wooh grabs a banger from Smylez as he gears up for his September release of his debut mixtape titled "Yellow Tape The Mixtape"but until then he plans on dropping  new music every week leading up to his debut release. Check out "Taliban Freeband Gang"

Boss Ace ft Solo - Scorin

Boss Ace and Solo team up for a combo visual directed by P. Noble  first track is "Scorin" second track is  "Freestyle"

Klouds - Top The Top

@KloudSurfa spits over a hard ass beat produced by Angel and visual shot  by @iamvert. If you enjoyed the visual check out his Daydreaming EP below

Jus Cash - Neva Change (video)

Jus Cash coming hard from the 100's with this Jae Pilla directed visual 'Neva Change'. Just some real nigga music.

Von La'Flare - Real Shit (video)

Von La'Flare recommended we check him out, so I took him up on his offer. Glad I did. 'Real Shit' is shot and chopped by @D_BandzFilms and I guarantee you run this back 2 or 3 times.

Tree - Busters (Video)

Tree drops another gem off Sunday School 2 with this 'Busters' visual. Shit so immaculate.  Your best bet

Bruus ft. Blanco Caine - I Ain't Tryna Hear It [video]

Bruus & Blanco Caine dropped a visual 'I Ain't Tryna Hear It' off Bruus project 'The Awakening Giant'' due out 7/23/13. You need to hear this

Prince Dre - Ona Guyz (Video)

Ona Guyz Prince Dre killed this shit. Supremo Films on the visual & I suggest you check this shit out instantly. 

Hittz - Queen & Pornstar

Hittz and Smylez ccok up some heat for the summer entitled 'Queen & Pornstar' and everybody should feel this. It's just one of them songs.

Forensick - Levels (Video)

Forensick borrows (and bodies) Meek Mill' latest single 'Levels' and puts his own fingerprints on it. Came with a decent visual as well. It's level to this shit.

Kwatro - Hit (Video)

Bitch it's a 'Hit'. Kwatro releases a visual for the banger 'Hit' off his recently released 'LMNOP' mixtape & this some serious Turn Up music. Play this real loud.

Pure Cain - 5 A.M. In my city (video)

Pure Cain and Huncho Wudd link for a quick visual to his single '5 a.m. in my city'. Something light, but its heavy. Now go find you some more Pure Cain to catch up on. ESC shit

Mia -Poetic Justice

Mia "Poetic Justice"

GoD Jewels - Merda Costosa, Real Nigga Vision

GoD Jewels latest visual masterpiece directed by @VisualMeccaENT
"Merda Costosa, Real Nigga Vision"

Yung Curt - M.R.P

Yung Curt "Money, Power, Respect" shot by @Lashe_2tone

Vice - Chiraq Episode

If you've never heard of Vice before its a magazine that recently started a series on HBO. They report stories from all over that with the goal to expose different condition affecting young people all over the world and this week's episode featured "Chicago" press play and get in tune 


Neak - The Kids

'The Kids' is Neak and Slot-A at their finest. Off T-shirt line RA NYC's mixtape 'BRTH A N8TH' which dropped this last week. Video soon directed by APJ Films. 


Spenzo - First Impression

"In Spenzo We Trust" dropping July 15th

Add-2 - Leave A Message [video]

Add-2 came with some real shit directed by Domi V named 'Leave a Message'. All I can say is 
Check him out in NY June 20th @ Hot 97's 'Who's Next' concert. Sold out!

M.Rex - Paulie Cicero [Mixtape]

Problem - Competition

New shit fresh off the chopping board shot by Elevator Mag and Directed  by Foreman Jones get in tune with Problem "Competition" 

Buck Brim - Notes From a Real Nigga

A little old but new to me Buck Brim "Notes From a Real Nigga"

Swagg King Birthday Bash (Vlog)

Swagg King Birthday Bash Vlog

Lil Mister ft Shorty K - Rasta

Shot by Mr 2 canons

Lucchi - Breath of Fresh Air

If you love Hip Hop then press play and enjoy  "Breath of Fresh Air"

Boom - Dance

Boom come with that feel good summertime music with his latest 'Dance' produced by Deezy. Some real chill out type music.

Neak ft Rashid Hadee, F.A.B.L.E. & Sincerely Yours - NRFS (Video)

Whenever Neak and APJ Films link you are watching something epic. This time they added Rashid Hadee, F.A.B.L.E. & Sincerely Yours and produced NRFS (Produced by J.Rell). Just some heat to hold you over until they all drop later this year.

B4Lasers ft. Jason Davis - Audio Junkies (Video)

Two members of The Robot Army drop off some audio dope for the masses entitled 'Audio Junkies'. Visual handled by Beast Factory Films and this shit is off the chain. Be on the lookout for their debut project 'Free Demo' soon.

N.E.P.H.E.W - Right Now (video)

N.E.P.H.E.W. dropped of his latest visual 'Right Now'. Sounds like some NBA finals music. 

Giftz - Death Wish (Video)

Giftz and Davy Greenberg link up for one helluva a visual for 'Death Wish'. Expect more when Giftz drops 'Position of Power' this summer.

King Deon - Hard Times & Dollar Signs (Mixtape)

King Deon drops his highly anticipated debut "Hard Times & Dollar Signs". 20 tracks of his story, the life and times of King Deon. 
DL Link 1:

Doc & Khaos - China White Freestyle

West Side emcees Doc & Khaos, also known as CTM, delivers a new song titled "China White" produced by @Nasim_Williams. Look out for Na$im's beat tape 
"The Symbiote" set to release thisSummer.

Edai X L'A Capone X S.Dot X Rondo#9 - Six Double 0

Shot by Rio Productions "Six Double 0"

Elz x LA Kidd x Zebo - Doin Numbers (Video)

485 - Dowop Gang (Mixtape)

485 finally dropped the highly anticipated "Dowop Gang" The mixtape. No more time to for talking, listen, download and tell a friend, 

DL Link:

Boss KO - Seriously Though (video)

Boss KO dropped his latest visual "Seriously Tho" directed by Daddy O produced by Trey P. TGF (Team Gone Fly) on the rise

Fatzmack - Its Time (Video)

Fatzmack kick the summer off right with his latest "Its Time". Shot and chopped by Kenny Red this is off the upcoming project "Crashing Parties" and he got one with this one.
"Fake Niggaz be hating. Don't want the real ones to shine" hottest line 

Tivo ft Ion - Addicted

Tivo X Ion X Addicted

Dollaz - Mafia Ties

Dollaz "Mafia Ties" shot by Mal Vision

Shorty B ft Tay Tay - Living Life

You only live once so you might as well live it up  Shorty B X Tay Tay X Living Life  shot by High Vision Films

Smylez ft Lil Mister - Watch Me Go Retarded

Smylez recently took over O4TR Radio the 6-6-13 episode now watch  him and his team get it bussin in his latest visual featuring Lil Mister

Kenben | Underdog (video)

Kenben recently had us come get in tune with hims in East Rogers Park for hs visual 'Underdog'. You may not know a lot about Kenben but this should serve notice that homey is coming. Another different type of upcoming artist. Give him a second

Mike Will The Great - Kicker

This is week 2 of 74 of "Mike Will The Great" newest project called #SaturdaySlaughter in which he will be releasing a new freestyle or song everySaturdayfor 74 weeks straight. Also be on the look out for his solo project "Nightmare On Jack Street" & Joint project "Residue The Great" with "Residue Reed" @ResidueReed.

I.L Will ft Vonno - I Ain't Playin

I.L Will and Vonno teams up for I.L Will latest singles "I Aint Playin"

Trigga Man - Trigga Happy 1.5

Trigga Happy 1.5 12 songs of that real shit with production from OJ Beatz, SkitzoBeatz, Twista Te and TizzieBeatz so you know its full of bangers  #DontSleep 

Trigga Happy 1.5

Spenzo ft Chi Ali - Age Ain't Nothing But A #

Spenzo featuring the Big Homie Chi Ali "Age Ain't Nothing But A # #DontSleep

Yung Curt - The Struggle

Yung Curt "The Struggle" shot and chopped by @Lashe_2tone

Allo The Great ft Pretty Chick - Drillz

Allo The Great X Pretty Chick X Drillz

eGo ft Jaleel - Poka

eGo is preparing do drop his official single for his mixtape coming later this summer. Returning to the archives, eGo drops a joint he did last year. He links with Jaleel for the backgrounds on this late release "Poka". Produced by ChaseNDough

Mic Taylor - Shot

Mic Taylor is back again with his latest visual shot by @LxapProductions  "Shot" is a powerful song that should motivate the masses to chase there goals and dreams  so SHOOT your SHOT and definitely 

Spittah Wills - Love (Video)

Spittah Wills and Mudwing Media's own @LeonChicago drop some crazy, different, (I hate this word) DOPE ass visual. "Love" is truly that feel good music. 

Neak X Rashid Hadee X F.A.B.L.E. X Sincerely Yours - NRFS (Prod. by J-Rell)

Wooooooo this shit is some fly shit. Neak, Rashid Hadee, F.A.B.L.E. & Sincerely Yours click with J-Rell for some soulful heat! I highly recommend you press play. Like right now!

KING aka Big Ken (of 334 MO.B.B.) - Watch Me Turn Up (Video)

Sam Hoody the plug, and King aka Big Ken sent his latest visual and yeah this shit official. Watch King Turn Up!

Episode 2: "The Opening Act" | Real T@lk presents..."Memoirs Of A Modern-Day Griot"

Real T@lk sent his Part Deux of his "Memoirs of a Modern-Day Griot" and it shows him living one helluva life. Real positive, real shit.

In The Studio with Misha

APJ gets behind the scene's of what looks like a crazy ass track  Misha we need that whenever it drop #NoLie

Mike Will The Great - Whip My Hair (Freestyle)

I know what your thinking Whip My Hair Freestyle but trust me  dis is far from lil Willow's version call dis the Chiraq version 

Goody ft Mystro - Good Gone Bad

Goody featuring Mystro "Good Gone Bad" produced by The Arkitech, mixed by Classick  of Classick studios and shot by Sef and Que  Enjoy

J-Illa ft Issa - Famous

J-Illa and Issa team up to deliver his latest single off his "Golden Voice" mixtape. If u sleeping on em hit the link below GOLDEN VOICE

E-Man ft Don Lyriks - Ride Or Die Part 2

Here is E-Man's new released video,"Ride Or Die Pt.2"(Prod.By DJ-L) featuring Don Lyriks, which also stars Chicago actress Jolantra Riley AKA "Butta". The single is from his latest mixtape,  STILL GETTIN STARTED

Kid Zero - Roll Up

Kid Zero "Roll Up" shot and chopped by Kid Zero  #NoLie

Tink Live

If you've never seen Tink perform live before well I guess this  will have to do watch her turn up real quick

Boss Smooth - Trappin & Rappin

Boss Smooth X Trappin & Rappin

Killa Kellz - WolfPack

Killllllla produced by Smylez shot by Ogun