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Chief Keef D*ck Rider

LMAO! Shorty will never live this down. S/O Chief Keef. 

J.White - "Goin Insane" (Official Video)

Damn. J.White links up LeonDotCom/MudWing Media for "Goin Insane". Truly an official video, telling the story of the harsh, cold Chicago streets. If you already didn't know its rough out here! #DontSleep

Leek-e-Leek feat. Bob-O - Wild Out (Video)

They most definetly wild the fuck out shooting this visual. DG Films and Leek-e-Leek link up for a visual for the song "Wild Out" and the video is just as the songs describes it. Wild. #DontSleep

DJ Kenn and A.O.N. Presents More Than Music (Mixtape)

DJ Kenn on his shit! Finally he drops his long awaited "More Than Music" mixtape. Featuring some of the hottest artist coming up (Including Only4TheReal's own Boa Bands and King Deon) this muhfuggin smacking! S/O 40 Boi for kicking it off with that HEAT! Do Yourself a  favor #DontSleep Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Seel Fresh - "Times Up" (Video)

"Times Up" is the latest visual from Chicago's own Seel Fresh. Directed by Nick Brazinsky this video is the good, and Seel Fresh delivers on this joint. Check it out let us know what you think. #DontSleep

Roy Smooth - Sue Me (Video)

This shit is smooth! Roy Smooth dropped off his latest visual "Sue Me" Directed by M.A.P.  See if you feel it. #DontSleep

Chase N Dough - Double Moments [UNOFFICIAL VIDEO]

Chase N Dough and DG Films change the pace with this party visual. Ya'll know "Dope Effect" coming right? This is a reminder. #DontSleep

Meek Mill Live in Chicago @ Adriannas 12-24-2011

Shoutout SmokeBooth for sending the footage of this MOVIE! Meek Millz, a whole lotta hoes, LEP, and lots of other shit! #DontSleep

Rich Laurel - Every Little Thing That We Do (Video)

Rich Laurel and DGainz link up for a visual you need to check out TODAY! "Every Little Thing That We Do" is the anthem for every dude fucking somebody BM (Baby Mama).  #DontSleep

Antartik - Lights Out

Brand new here at Only4TheReal some seriously soulful shit. Repping the Southside of Chicago (Englewood) Antartik is change of pace from the "Drill" music dominating the Chicago scene. His single "Lights Out" is produced by D.Brooks lets us know if you feeling it. Fellas you might want to add this to your "P*ssy Playlist".  #DontSleep

Mike Will The Great - She Will (Freestyle)

Mike Will the Great linked up with AON Films for a visual for his freestyle off Wayne's smash "She Will". Stay tuned, its a lot more shit popping in this joint. #DontSleep 

Tom Gist - Gettin By (Video)

If rap was basketball, in 2006 Tom Gist was Adam Morrison. It looked like he was next Diplomat affiliate to blow. But unforseen troubles and the disappearance of Cam'ron seemed to cost Gist everything (So it seemed). Gist still continues his music but now on a much smaller scale. I just so happened to search through my Youtube favorites and listened to some old shit. I googled Gist and found out he still grinding and making that music real niggaz feel! On "Getting By" he borrows Jim Jones' timeless classic "My Diary" and puts his very own spin on it. Gist has that gift, give him a listen!

Pro2je & Aye Burks - Just Look At Me

First single off their "Two Sides To A Story" project. Aye Burks and Pro2je act a fool in the official visual for "Look At Me Now". 

Art Of Living Office warming & Zoo

I promised a zoo. I delivered a zoo. Watch as The Only4TheReal team invaded the Lacuna Lofts and made it a memorable night (Some scenes couldn't make the youtube) enjoy and stay tuned for more from the team!

Young Tez - Picture Me Rollin

Tez hijacked Tupac's classic "Picture Me Rollin" and did his thang on this one. This is a whole other Young Tez than we are accustomed to hearing, I wouldn't recommend you sleep on this one. #DontSleep!

Jeanyus - God Father Part 3

Jeanyus returns with his latest freestyle "God Father Part 3". Check it out

Only4TheReal sits down with Tree of Project Mayhem (Interview)

A few months back Tree and a Only4TheReal linked up for an interview. Due to some unforeseen issues it didn't drop as planned, but still and still it was worth the wait. Its 18 minutes but this is a condensed version. Tree was in rare form and provided nonstop entertainment for everybody in the room. Watch as he talks about everything (Sometimes to the point that he forgets the original question). Get in tune, Tree on the move. #DontSleep 

The Art Of Living Office Grand Opening

Last Friday it was a Zoo and a Movie. This part is is the MOVIE. Stay tuned for the Zoo. #Only4TheReal shit, S/O to Doc Rivers brothers for showing up in that thang! 

Jus Syvino - Strollin' (Single)

Gee_Q/Jus Syvino.... WE GOT ONE! The name of this single is "Strollin" and its one of them. You need not sleep on this shit. This something everybody young and old can feel! #DontSleep

Babyface Monster - One Love (Video)

BFM drops his latest visual as he moves towards the release date for his "Cadillac Brougham Joints EP" due 1-6-12. Directed by Xack Gibson of Fry Bag Productions, this one is a must see. So check it out and be on the lookout for Cadillac Brougham Joints EP sooner than later!

Wild shit you see on Facebook (12-14-11)

You know where to catch some of the wildest shit on FB. And this is no exception.  Shoutout every thirsty ass nigga that call that number to see whaddup. I do this for you! #DontSleep

DA Smart - Walk Wit Me (Video)

15 years later DA Smart finally releases visual for his Chicago classic "Walk Wit Me". Imagine if he would've done this in 97 how much more we would have seen in the video. But its still hot, (Shoutout Roseland all up and through there). Check it out and spread the word, every old head on your block heard this one before. #DontSleep

Yule Tide Raps Show (Event)

PheatureWorld is putting together something real positive for this holiday season. This Friday (December 16th 2011) at N'Awlins 17033 S Torrence Lansing, IL it will be a show and coat drive rolled up in to one huge event. Sounds by DJ Chosen 1 with Special Guest DJ Slugo. Tickets re 10$ at the door Peep all the acts they have performing... #DontSleep

Pavy - "Triumphant" (Video)

Pavy getting ready for that "Middle Class Ignorance" project due out in January. Thomas J. Price handled the Direction of the visual and you already know Pavy repping Straight Up Hustlin ent. #DontSleep

AceSo ft KidKing - So Sick (Video)

Fresh to Only4TheReal AceSo Featuring KidKing brand new visual "So Sick". I don't know much about em but all you need to know is it's here, so its official.  #DontSleep http://kidkingmusic.wordpress. com/

Yung B.A.R.Z. & Chico B. "Man Down" Acapella

If you fux with Only4TheReal you already know about Yung B.A.R.Z., today we spreading the word about Chico B. How many R and B thugs you know. Chico B the TRUTH. Watch as these two construct an entire song with just the beat on the table. I guarantee you see why these two brothers will not be slept on much longer. Remember who put you on! #DontSleep

Nick Barz & Parkay - Fully Loaded ( video)

Nick Barz and Parkay dropped a visual for that single "Fully Loaded". Yes everything in this visual is full loaded. Good hood shit! Directed by G.Vega and AtWill #DontSleep

Chase N Dough x Lokey: Money Points Percentages Instrumentals

Another month. Another Chase N Dough instrumental tape. This time he brought along Lokey to help and he got DJ Hustlenomics too. Chase N Dough grinding and if you call  yourself an artist, you better get on em before they taxing. Download Here (Word is the best track off the beats gets a video directed by Seuss Leory. So #DontSleep)

Free Blago #FreeDaGuyz

We rocking with Blago like a stocking. Stay strong. Free Blago #FreeDaGuyz

Y. Gutta - "Flame Up" (Video)

Y. Gutta returns with another visual. This time it's for the track "Flame Up". Two things you can learn while watching this visual, 1. Y. Gutta is not to be slept on. 2. Damn they getting it #Bussin! Y. Gutta always has some hot ass visuals this time you can thank C Bauer Photography for this one. S/O The entire STL (Except the Cardinals) #DontSleep

Ayo - StrepThroat (Syce Vol 1 EP) LEAK

Brand new exclusive off of Ayo's upcoming EP "Syce Vol. 1". StrepThroat is the first leak off the EP entirely produced by Art of Living's own Sleep G. If you need more, I got it. But for right not, this will have to do. Be on the lookout for "Syce Vol. 1" Next week! (Come out and join AOL media for the grand opening Friday 12-9-11 at Lacuna lofts. It will double as a release party for Syce Vol. 1 and Walking Canvas is dropping  that winter 2011 collection. Its a whole lot to get into and to get in tune with in the Lofts. #DontSleep!)

Boa Bandz Feat. NuNu Bandz - When I Wake Up (Video)

Boa Bands and NuNu Bands link up once again for this visual for the song "When I Wake Up". Directed by G-Money of Only4TheReal (Yeah). Be on the lookout for waaaay more exclusive shit from Boa Bands and the entire team! #Only4TheReal #DontSleep 

Chi City Cypher: Blueprint Edition

Another week. Another Chi City Cypher. This "The Blueprint Edition" featuring Tragedy Tha Beast, Trinity, Chi-P and Phor. Watch them take turns smashing Jay-Z and Eminem's classic "Renegade". #DontSleep

Young Giftz (of F.O.C.) Feat Big Homie DOE - Back To The Basics (Video)

Young Giftz & Big Homie DOE link up for the latest High Vision Films visual. Off "The Lake Effects". This shit hard! #DontSleep                                                                                                                                                                              

Maserati Deeder - Move Around (Video)

Maserati Deeder resurrects Bump's classic "Move Around" in this new In-Studio visual.  #FreeBump #DontSleep                                                      

Legit - "A Nigger In Northface" (Video)

Whoa! Great message in this latest visual from Legit. #DontSleep                                

Chris Shields - Shields In Paris (Video)

] How many "Niggaz in Paris" freestyles have you heard? How many were any good? Prepare to hear the best. Chris Shields demolishes Ye' and Hov's track, and sent a visual with it. Directed by Alex King, you need to give this video a minute or three of your time! #DontSleep

Pavy - "Triumphant"

Pavy and SUH (Straight Up Hustling Ent) are gearing up for that " MCI " (Middle Class Ignorance) due out 1-17-11. "Triumphant" is produced by Dutch Cannon and is not to be slept on. Who don't wanna be TRIUMPHANT? #DontSleep

Jamal Mar Ft. Kenlo Key - Gentlemen's Express

Some new shit from Tha Intavention camp. Jamal Mar and the homey Kenlo Key jump on this track "Gentleman's Express" (Prod. by Javis Faux). Jamal Mar is a member of the group Good Vocation and if you didn't know them boyz OFFICIAL! Now that you do take some time and check this track out and pay attention! These dudes on the move. #DontSleep

Blaine Belladonna - "Heisman" (Video)

We On Ent's own Blaine Belladonna drops her version of  Tyga's " Heisman ". Good eye candy #DontSleep

#Netwerking Hosted By @Djpound4pound

DJ Pound 4 Pound sent his latest project "#Netwerking" through featuring some of the hottest music out right now. This tape features some heavy hitters Drake, 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and more. Get the fuck in tune with DJ Pound 4 Pound , he out here grind. Download Here Follow DJ Pound 4 Pound on Twitter