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Today 3.29.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Music: ADot New Shit ft RMB Justize ft Flu Game (@ADotNewShit)

Today 3.28.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 3.27.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Video: Jonquia Rose - No Time For Worries (@JonquiaRose)

Today 3.26.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Event: #TheSessionLIVE • 3.24.18 @amfmlife Gallery W/ (@MerkSays)

Today 3.22.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 3.21.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Music: Bob Marlo ft BimpGod & ID The G - 50 Bricks (@nolaw_bobmarlo @iamBIMPGOD @iDtheG)

Music: Jayaire Woods - Chatterbox (@jayairewoods)

Full Movie: Chi-Raq 3 The Movie

Today 3.20.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 3.19.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 3.16.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 3.15.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 3.14.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 3.13.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 3.12.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Music: DaeDaeWorld (@Daedae_world) - ChainSmoke

Video: RangeRoverHang (@RANGEROVERHANG) - Wcw

Today 3.9.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Music: Professor Mic ft Hittz, GodSun and Mansa JBA - Money Team (@professormic @hittz079)

Podcast: 3.8.18 @Official_HSM on the #SupremeShow on @O4TRRadio

Today 3.8.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 3.7.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Music: Landon Battles (@LandonBattles) - No Ashtray

Today 3.6.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Video: Ace Da Vinci (@MrSmartMouf) - Sonic

Ace is BACK and he brought a bit of nostalgia with him on this latest joint "Sonic". He borrows the theme from Bundo's favorite pair of character shoes and turned it into an anthem,  with visual responsibility going to @conceptu_al. Ace correlates everyday life and death with the the classic video game & television show character in a creative and thought provoking manner (sprinkling in clips of Urkel who voiced the TV Sonic). This joint will have you asking is this all it is? Is life just a game? Watch and see for yourself, tell a friend to tell a friend  #DontSleep

Today 3.5.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Video: CHI-RAQ 3 The Movie (Tralier)

Video: Tay600 (@TaySixO) - Colors Remix

Tay got one on his hands with his "Colors Remix" and he got Rickee Arts to bring it all to life! #DontSleep

Video: J.Papi x Richie Wes (@RichieWes) - Money

J. Papi and Richie Wes add cinema to their joint 'Money" something slight to turn up to! #DontSleep

Music: Official (@Official_HSM) - Weed & Sex

Today 3.2.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 3.1.18 According to the Legend that is @Bundy_O4TR