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What You On?

Can't hit no stains walking to the kitchen, going to the Bathroom. You gotta be #OutHere ! - Lil Twin Talking to a friend of mine earlier when he made this statement. While it may seem "Childish" or "Stupid" to some. It makes perfect sense to me. We can't sit around on our hands waiting for opportunity to find us in our homes. We must get out in the streets, find a way, make a way for our own success. If things happen just sitting on your ass, wouldn't everybody do it??? Comment, tell us what you think .

#WakeUp!: SpeakEasy - Bootleg Liquor

Last night I attended a Beat battle & Performance (Esohel) at The Bassment. In there under the lowkey act, I wasn't trying to draw attention to myself, I just came out as a fan. But unfortunately it wasn't long before I had to announce what I was doing there. SpeakEasy caught my attention because he was the only nigga in there spitting. He TWICE caught the attention of the ENTIRE CROWD because he was spitting over everybody's instrumental. But in no way was he lacking. SpeakEasy is an EMCEE. After that encounter he offered his mixtape, and business card. After listening to this Mixtape halfway, I had to share it with the masses. SpeakEasy is the truth! Real hip-hop fans will hear what i'm talking about. Here are my selection off the Tape I Love Knowledge Contact info was limited, still hit SpeakEasy up and tell him how you were feeling his material Be on the lookout for more Speak Easy & a link to the entire mixta

#RealniggaShit: Brain Hussla

Swiped this from, New Brain Hussla. It's been a while, but its a pleasure to hear some new FIRE. Brain dropped two tracks, Currency & Street Shit. Check em out, see if you interested in hearing more Brain, I know I WANT MORE! Currency Street Shit

What You On?

When my Choice is between Dying & Living, I no longer have to be afraid to live my dreams.

Black Table Committee - Light Up (Freestyle)

Gotdamn these dudes can spit. Everytime I hear some material from Black Table Committee it's on point. This time they chose Drake's "Light Up" to assault. Its only a matter of time before rap gets back to this lost sound, and look for BTC to be there when that happens. Rap this good, doesn't go unnoticed for long. Light Up Take time and salute em.

Focus: Spud - "First Impression"

Spud finally drops his follow-up mixtape "1st Impression".

HEAT!: Blaise B. The Beat Bastard

First and foremost, shoutout my dude Hunnid-Grand & the team for the Steve Nash assist. This is REAL HIP-HOP. Honestly it sounds as if it was made at least 15 years ago, but not to a flaw. We live in the times where you must be a lil less lyrical & a whole lot more commercial, this mixtape is in a whole other lane. Blaise (Blaze) B. is a artist repping the Chi & from the sound of this tape a very talented artist. If you call yourself a real Hip-hop fan Blaise deserves a good hard listen. This brother is in need of our support! Support The Real! Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by

Beadz - Super Bad

Opened up the email & heard this BANGER. It's just something about hearing Chicago-English on a track. Beadz has a certified street & club hit with this one. Be on the lookout for more soon! Super Bad Hit him up, with a word of encouragement or a (Constructive) criticism. beadz1st http://www.

P1's 2 Cent's: The ABC's of Loyalty Part1 (A-E)

ABC's of Loyalty Part 1 (A-E) written by P1 It is my belief that loyalty is one of the highest virtues a person can aspire to have. In fact loyalty is more than a mere trat it is a way of living, in which you are able to show unwavering love, support, and protection for a person or for a cause. Donald Trump states that he hires loyalty "above all else." Regardless of talent, aptitude, and intelligence the value he holds in highest regard is the other L word - Loyalty.   Listen to -- ( Twista & The Speedknot Mobstas - Loyalty) I echo the Don's sentiment and believe it is the most important trait to have. I myself consider myself very loyal, sometimes almost to fault. i would not have it any other way. In my experience in life it is those people that you have in your corner that you can count on and rely on time and time again that make life more productive and enjoyable. Trust is usually pretty easily given and attained. You trust the people at the restaurant to

Real T@lk RETURNS! BandWagon (Produced by Authentik Made)

Real Talk the poet released a new track entitled Bandwagon, produced by Authentik Made. True hip-hop is what this man delivers & if you haven't already been.... PAY ATTENTION! He's back at it, stay tuned! The music speaks for itself.... Bandwagon Now if you truly enjoyed that, take some time out to thank Real T@lk. RealTalkThePoet SoulFreshMusicGroup http://  Support The Real!