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T.O. Da Prezident - Vote 4 Me! (Official Mixtape)

New mixtape from T.O. Da Prezident. Vote 4 me available for free download @

Focus: Only4TheReal'sTop Songs from Chicago Artists

We ALL know by now, New Years is here & that means another year of exclusive tracks from your favorite artists will be here soon. 2009 was an "Aight" year as far as music goes and we @ found ourselves listening exclusively to Chicago artist all this year. We will highlight this years Best songs from a Chicago's Unsigned artist.  Phenomenal 1 - You Ain't Right The Beat sets the tone for me. Then he jumps right in and delivers. While Phe is not hitting the track with constant punchlines and over used ad-libs, the track is undoubtedly good. This song makes me think of the Hip-Hop I grew up on, and before when artist got to the point of the song and didn't just try to rhyme words no one knows the meaning to, just for the sake of calling it exclusive. (Phenomenal-1 can be reached @   ) The Boy Illinois - James Dean 3 The song is not even as long as some people ski

Focus: Rob G (The HoodBaker)

Add-2 - Starter Jacket (Video)

Official Add-2 "Starter Jacket" video by PreciseMinds/Tori Boyd from Add-2 on Vimeo . Heard this song close to six or seven months ago, and still bang it like I heard yesterday. This song & video gives off a feeling of Nostalgia. While I don't like the video personally, it's good, just feel like it could've been a whole lot better with a more inspirational message. Still it just my opinion, you know where to post yours. Support the brother Add-2 not because I said so, because REAL RECOGNIZE REAL.