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Focus: Only4TheReal'sTop Songs from Chicago Artists

We ALL know by now, New Years is here & that means another year of exclusive tracks from your favorite artists will be here soon. 2009 was an "Aight" year as far as music goes and we @ found ourselves listening exclusively to Chicago artist all this year. We will highlight this years Best songs from a Chicago's Unsigned artist.

 Phenomenal 1 - You Ain't Right

The Beat sets the tone for me. Then he jumps right in and delivers. While Phe is not hitting the track with constant punchlines and over used ad-libs, the track is undoubtedly good. This song makes me think of the Hip-Hop I grew up on, and before when artist got to the point of the song and didn't just try to rhyme words no one knows the meaning to, just for the sake of calling it exclusive. (Phenomenal-1 can be reached @   )

The Boy Illinois - James Dean

The song is not even as long as some people skits, but more effective than most mixtapes. The concept, beat and flow were all on point. The length takes away nothing from the song. Just listen and see if you first, understand. Second, Do you feel it?

The Profit - I can Make you famous

I first heard The Profit on his remake of Charles Hamilton song, "Chi-town Girl" and was instantly a fan. I searched Youtube and was only able to find limited material by him. I contacted him and told me to check this song out. Needless to say I instantly started bumping this HARD! He delivers a laid back smooth flow effortlessly and still gets very lyrical with it. Sounds a bit like a 2K pimp on certain bars but it is a track that can be enjoyed by all.

GoD Jewels - Heathens 

Classic track depicting the thought process and actions of some of our troubled youth. A very entertaining way to "Kick Knowledge" in the words of Jay-Z. If you haven't heard already check it out, well worth the listen .

Add-2 - Starter Jacket

Just Listen. The Listen AGAIN.

Ayo - Change

Lyrically over a lot of people's heads. Stellar production and effortless flow to accompany it. Ayo rides this beat as if it taking him to the promise land, and delivers one of this year's hottest songs by an unsigned Chicago artist.

JustPay - Crown of the Midwest

The production and feel of this track is crazy! This is a certified Chicago anthem, that will be played surely for years to come. This song is  like a window to Chicago streets and lifestyles. Some of the things mentioned are unfamiliar to outsiders but every Chicagoan anywhere should be able to feel this song.

T.O. Da Prezident - Real N*gga

An ode to a dying breed, Real nigga can be catagorized multiple ways. But one thing is for sure, It's heat! If you new here check out the various T.O. Material all thru the site, but first make sure you check this track FIRST!

The Boy Illinois ft. GoD Jewels - Chicago WhiteSox

Reminds me of Nas & Az track when they both would be going in and you'd wait to hear them share the last verse and debate about who killed it harder. YEAH its official.

Ayo ft JustPay - Cheers to the Walk

The brothers picked a perfect track to cremate. JustPay delivers the most memorable Chicago related bar, "I'm from the Chi ain't no wild talk, U not Chi U just order Mild Sauce) Classic

T.O. Da Prezident - Come In

Party Anthem! Plain and simple play this wherever something is cracking! I GUARANTEE you move the entire crowd.

Hunnid-Grand - Wherever I Go

Good music bought to you by 100 grand. Beat sickening and every body affiliated with it went in on this track. Another Chi-Town rapper explaining the craziness we go thru on these streets.

Last but not least.

GoD Jewels - I Hate Summer



  1. this is a dope list you compiled these dudes hot! this is inspiring to hear some other chi town artist doing the damn thang! im honored to have made the list as well more to come in 2010 bro! As always Good look for the city man.


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