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T.O. Da Prezident - "Stuntin!" Performing Live @ Last Call. (Nov. 16,2009)

R.I.P Ben Wilson (25 Years Later)

What You On?

Today I got a wild as question I got from my Twitter-N*gga @djshazam

if you had a dollar for every person you had sex with...what could you buy?
Even if you don't answer here, keep it truthful. Sum of ya'll barely getting a Double Cheeseburger from BK. Forreal tho, think about it, answer, share.

What You On? (Question of the Week, Day or Month)

New to  is the "What You On?" Post. Whenever one of us comes up with a wild or outrageous question, it will be posted and you will be given a chance to answer.


Would you rather live your entire life with the uncertainty of anything you really wanted ever happening? Or, for 10 days you can do everything in the world you would want and Die?

Hard question? Probably. But it's real, Tell us something! Reply in the Opinion Section.