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40 Boi - Yung Cash KrazII (Video)

40 Boi and DG Films hit the world with this just last night. "Yung Cash Krazii" is another lyrical exercise for 40 Boi. I first heard him on the DJ Kenn released mixtape "More than Music" and he ripped the intro. 40 Boi got a bright future ahead of him. Don't be the last to find out! #DontSleep This the track i'm telling you about. S/O Dj Kenn (All or Nothing Productions)

ACE B8gie - Neva Be a Rapper (@ACEB8GIEFOC)

ACE B8gie latest visual is directed by Suess Leroy and is entitled " Neva Be a Rapper ". The visual smacking, the song is insightful and FOC is gearing up for another mixtape " Survival of the FOCused " all that means is #DontSleep

Lil Durk feat. Lil Reese - Off The Sh*ts (Video)

Lil Durk, Lil Reese and DG Films click for a visual filled with the sh*ts. Good to see Durk home working hard! Watch the entire city get into the movement. PSA: Stop saying you off the shits unless you doing it like this! #DontSleep

Young Chop Interview

Only4thereal sits down with one of the hottest Producers in the city Young Chop. O4TR takes it straight to his living room to find out whats been going on with one of the youngest in the game.

Chief Keef - I Dont Know Dem (Video)

Chief Keef linked up with A Zae Productions for another visual this time its "I don't know dem" produced by Young Chop. Respect Keef grind and his talent.  #DontSleep

Chief Keef signing to S.O.D.M.G.???

Damn! Chief Keef signing to SODMG to Souljah Boy? We told you first Chief Keef was on the rise! Everyday its more and more news. I hope this is an Official move. Chief Keef taking the fuck over! #NoFunny at all! #DontSleep

Pavy - Middle Class Ignorance (EP)

Pavy sent his latest project "Middle Class Ignorance" sponsored by and S.U.H. Entertainment. After listening to this project I had no choice than to put ya'll on it. Pavy is a talented and motivated artist and he paints a crystal clear picture of his views and goals very arrogantly and confidently. He wants to the best in the top spot. Pavy takes a very interesting perspective in most the things every "Rapper" glorifies and while not the "popular opinion" it is truly entertaining. "Middle Class Ignorance" is a well crafted project featuring a host of underground Chicago's finest and some flawless production. In summation I suggest you all give Pavy a chance to impress and you will be entertained #NoFunny. Please do yourself a favor #DontSleep

James Wade - Oscar Grant (Official Video)

Powerful music from James Wade. All you need to know is you need to see this. This a very deep and eye opening visual. Please check this out! #DontSleep

Boss KO - Cook Up (Video)

A.O.N. Films and Boss KO link and dropped his latest visual "Cook Up". Boss Mu$ic. #DontSleep

King Louie - Too Cool (Video)

YDot GDot - Little Dress (Video)

YDot GDot delivered his latest visual "Little Dress" and ode to them ladies that capture all attention with their backsides in a lil dress. S/o all the sexy ass females present in this visual. Ydot Gdot is a real change of pace from the music that is garnering all the attention in the city right now. Get in tune with him and his Nerdy swag but for right now, pay attention and #DontSleep

R.O.E. - I Won (Video)

R.O.E. sticks to the script in his latest Lucid Perception  directed visual "I Won". Soulful and crafty with both the visual and song. My advice to you on this one... #DontSleep

Dre Chi - UFO Ni**a (MOTF Freestyle)

Dre Chi telling the world about the team he rep. The UFO general gives a heat check to Big K.R.I.T.'s (Money On The Floor) and you should take notice. Nothing but heat! #DontSleep

AntonGenius - On Time (Video)

AntonGenius | on time from DIRTYGENIUS on Vimeo . AntonGenius dropped his latest visual off his sponsored project "This is an EP". Simple but yet potent Anton always keeps it soulful and on this track "On Time" he describes getting over that hump. Good advice we all could implement in our daily lives. #DontSleep

The UC Tay Devito & E-Man - Money and the Power

Decent lil video they sent it to me so I'm sharing it  with you so enjoy   #Dntsleep

Helplezz Asian Boy Jumped And Attacked By 7 Other Guyz.... #StopTheViolence

There waz no reazon for thiz guy to get jumped like that but the city of Chicago iz korrupted in many wayz!!!!!

Only4TheReal'z Dunk Of The Day! 1-17-12

Chief Keef - 3Hunna (Video)

Chief Keef back at with another AON Visual. Young Chop laced the beat and DJ Kenn murdered the visual. I Only know one person who does this much shit on house arrest. (Free Quack) Be on the lookout for that Bang remix with Lil B real soon! #DontSleep 

Havana Joe - Jimmy Hendrix [Video]

This that music for those that like to smoke! Havana Joe drops a visual and song 

Young Giftz (of F.O.C.) - Meet the Dealer feat Odyssee (Video)

Brand new F.O.C. music. from Giftz feat Odyssee called "Meet The Dealer". #DontSleep

A-Way & Tragedy tha Beast - IntaVention 4ever

Two thirds of Joe's Diner (Tragedy Tha Beast & A-Way) abuse Rick Ross' "Rich Forever" instrumental to create a smash entitled "Intavention Forever". They on the move and I'd hate to see ya'll to be the last one's to be in tune. Do yourself a favor, check out and and get in tune with all thing Intavention! #DontSleep

Lil Durk - House Party

Lil Durk home and letting everybody know, he on his shit! Shot and Edited by DIBEnt check this shit out asap! #DontSleep

B.O.A.H. (King Deon & Boa Bands) - Ima Boss Freestyle (Video)

King Deon and Boa Band double cup up for their visual for the 'Ima Boss' freestyle. BOAH is on the move, get in tune, stay in tune! #DontSleep

"It's A L Beat" Instrumental (Mixtape) Presented by ​ Dj Hustlenomics

Friday DJ L and DJ Hustlenomics collaborated to drop this slamming ass beat tape. DJ L been grinding like a reggae dance and so ya'll can get in tune with him he gave the world a passout. Check him out and see which beats you feeling and murder em! All the best songs will be posted here at Be on the lookout for a lott more from DJ L and Download Link Follow him on Twitter @ThaKidDJL

Mallo - Goin' Hard (Video)

Mallo is an up and coming artist hailing from Chicago's Southside and he is ready for the city to take notice. He dropped off his latest visual directed by High Visions Films "Goin Hard" and its nothing but official. Pay attention to this young dude, he on the rise! #DontSleep Follow him on twitter @Mallo_Rollup

Fatzmack - "Well Alright" (Video)

Brand new to Fatzmack visual for "Well Alright". Dj L gave me a wild ass backstory on Fatz and his situation . This song was produced by DJ Londen and yes. it's official. Be on the lookout for more from Fatzsmack and DJ Londen REAL soon! #DontSleep

Walking Canvas : Buy Art Not Cocaine

Brand new visual from the Walking Canvas crew. "Buy Art Not Cocaine" is the newest promotion from the WC crew and as always you know Only4TheReal is behind them 99.9%. Crewnecks are available for purchase at the Art of Living offices (Lacuna Lofts 2150 S. Canalport 2nd Floor) and soon online at Checkout the site for even more stuff from them WC boyz!  #DontSleep

S.Dot - 600 Boi (Video)

Another Chicago artist on the rise is S.Dot. "600 Boi" is the visual he sent through and it was shot and directed by Prince Films. Be on the lookout for a lot more from Dotarachi and Only4TheReal real soon!  #Dontsleep

Tree n DJ Nas-Whoooo

Tree drops a visual for WHOOOOO straight Chi Town shit S/O to Tree  for sending dis one through  #Dnt sleep its time for yall to get in tune with da homie

King Ken Freestyle (Video)

Some more new shit fresh at Only4TheReal, King Kenn shot this over via the Twitter along with a leak off his upcoming mixtape hosted by DJ Hustlenomics "Osama Ken Laden". Check out "Rob Wjo" remix below and his freestyle above. Do yourself a huge favor and  #DontSleep

Auto - Automatic (Mixtape)

S/O Ceo Snaxx G for sending this one through. Auto repping YHBRMG (Young Heavy Boa Row Money Gang) drops his first mixtape "Automatic" and this right here is official. Auto is only 16 and already you can tell he on something. With all the talent on the rise from the greatest city in world, Auto might be another name to add to that list. #DontSleep Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by 1.Flexin 2.2.0 Freestyle sufin remix 4.AUTO CANT B FRIENDS 5.Churches Chicken Feat. J.Money - J5 6.NightMare Feat. Da Youngin 7.Flight Skool 8.For Da Glory 9.Good Life Feat. Trell 10.How To Love 11.suck it or not 12.Take You Back Feat. Magik 13.Lolli Pop glass 15.Koolin


Will Gates just released this via FB and Twitter. All the real (and the fake) rock with Bump. #FreeChief Damn this Chicago history.  #DontSleep #FreeBumpJ

Imma Ball - What Its Worth (Video)

This shit smackin! Imma Ball drops his official visual for "What its worth" directed by Watch Willie. S/O WBMG's J.Neal fr murdering the beginning/  #DontSleep

@JrCeleb DGainz Interview with Peeda Pan

DGainz comes from behind the camera to be interviewed by's own Peeda Pan. Short and to the point. If you don't know, now you do. Get in tune and  #DontSleep

Chief Keef | Only4TheReal "Salute To The Real" (Interview)

Only4TheReal had a exclusive sit down with the Chief Keef (Yeah the famous Chief Keef). We discussed everything from his legal situation to who he rock with on the fan side. See Chief Keef like you have never seen or heard him before. If you didn't know already Keef headed to the top, so it's in your best interest not to sleep!

DJ L Presents: Making An L Beat #ProducerWednesday

DJ L boldly calls himself a the future of music. We ain't even about to go down that road but you need to check out this video of him working on this beat. I don't know very much about this man but you know he wouldn't make it on Only4TheReal if this shit wasn't OFFICIAL! #DontSleep

AntonGenius Cook's up a Tune #ProducerWednesday

AntonGenius works on a beat and recorded the entire process of him getting down on a beat.If you sleep on Mr. Genius wake up. This man is on his shit. Another Chicago producer with that heat! All ya'll PAYING for these beats need to seriously check him out. He stay with that soulful sound that make people famous! #DontSleep

Young Chop - Making a Beat #ProducerWednesday

Young Chop showing you how he do. Watch him work as he creates magic. That Only4TheReal x Young Chop interview on the way sooner than later. Till then check this out and get in tune with Chop he is a demon on that beat side. #DontSleep @YoungChopBeatz  Facebook 

Dapp - Headache (Video)

Directed by DJ Kenn (AON Films) Dappa describes one of them nights and then the day after. #DontSleep

TimBucktu - D. Rose for the MVP

Timbucktu sent his ode to D.Rose through. Not to speak too soon but everybody gets a special feeling watching this man play, Bulls basketball and Chicago hip-hop seemed destined for the top at the same damn time. Check this shit out. #DontSleep

Chief Keef - Everyday's Halloween (Video)

This nigga Keef got a band on and still making moves! AON Films and Chief Keef link up for a quick visual for his single "Everyday's Halloween". GO!  #DontHate #DontSleep

Chief Keef - Fans calling his phone

Be on the lookout for Only4TheReal's sit down with Chief Keef! This is DIB Ent filming the night the Chief Keef putting his # on Twitter. Parental advisory is suggested. Keef showing the fans some love. #RealNiggaShit (Listen to all the undercover fans calling blocked (Grown ass men) stunting about who they calling) #DontSleep

Grade Aplus - Warmth

I'm rocking with Grade Aplus on his brand new joint "Warmth". The beat smacking, the lyrics cracking you might have to run it back a few times for the full effect. Produced by MikeJaxx of The Hydrox this is an Only4TheReal advisory notice #DontSleep

Dubby ft. James Wade - Get U That (Video)

Finally my homey James Wade makes his return to Only4TheReal (Search James Wade). This time he brings Dubby a 21 year old phenom and they do one helluva a job on this visual and song. It's different but give it a chance. This is quality music.  #DontSleep

Domino Cash - Run This

This shit smacking! #NoFunny Give Domino Cash a minute or two of your time. 

Babyface Monster - Cadillac Brougham Joints EP

The highly anticipated "Cadillac Brougham Joints EP" from Babyface Monster is available for download today right here on Only4TheReal. (In my Jay-Z voice) It's so muhfuggin SOULFUL. I personally took advantage of the EARLY download option afforded to me and I've been bumping it non-stop (and That TM103). This man worked hard putting this project together please give him a listen and tell him how you feeling. If you are a consistent follower of Only4TheReal you know, I'll never send you off! #DontSleep