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Townhall meeting on Chicago area Youth and Violence

The Interfaith Committee of The Chicago Bar Association, in partnership with WYCC Channel 20 (PBS)  will present a town hall meeting, hosted by Bill Campbell.  The program will feature a panel of students, parents, law enforcement representatives, court officials and clergy.  The program will be aired in 3 parts on June 2, June 3 and June 4 at 7:00 p.m.  Please watch, jot down your ideas, and take up the subject at your respective organizations.     Pay Attention!

Introducing: Richie Rocket

Got some new "Different" shit for ya'll today. Richie Rocket is a Chi-town artist who doesn't just rap, he sings. His main focus is good music & he stays true to that mantra by creating music with a different flavor. Channeling music from generations past, Richie spits a sort of new age flow that bodes well for what he trying to do. But only so much "Promoting" can be done, you must now decide how you fell about Richie Rockets music. Slow Down No links on Richie just yet, but leave a comment, Let us know how you fell about it.


It's finally here. Pro2je releases his new mixtape "I am my favorite Rapper" and he needs you all to WAKE THE FUCK UP! Support the Real and give him a listen! He looked out so hard, you don't even have to download the tape. Listen and Support this man!

Smoker Section!: M.Rex - Kush in my Cigar

M.Rex supplies that "Smoking Music" this week, with the track entitled "Kush in my Cigar". Once  you hear it, you'll understand why. Rex always got something "Official" going down so you need to stay tune with him! Kush in my Cigar Aye, Don't ever think you will just enjoy FREE MUSIC & not be asked for feedback! Hit  M.Rex up @

#FuckNigga Weekly: Brother Baines & Terrence "Dresser" Williams

Brother Baines was the man who introduced Malcolm X to Islam. He introduced Malcolm to Hon. Elijah Muhammad, pretended to be a upstanding black man. In the end it was only so long fake niggaz could pretend, and the snake came out of Brother Baines. While never being prosecuted for the murder of Malcolm X, you can come to your own conclusion regarding his involvement. Verdict: Brother Baines = #FuckNigga Terrence "Dresser" Williams was a fictional character in the movie "5 Heartbeats". While not a main character in the movie, he did have one of the most memorable "Fuck-Nigga" moments in the film. Dresser found out he had impregnated a woman right before  the group blasts off in to stardom. Meaning he would have to leave to get a job to make enough money to support his family. Eddie King Jr and Duck Matthews reached into their pockets and gave "Dresser" all the proceeds they had made from their smalltime tour. Now, Fast-Forward years later Eddie

#RealNiggaShit!: Pro2je

To keep it 103% he gets instant kudos for jumping on the "Hurt Me Soul" beat. Never heard anybody else try, preferably never wants to hear anybody else try again. Pro2je delivered. Real Talk if your an avid follower of you can tell when I really "FEEL" somebodies music. This is one of those times. I encourage everybody who visits the site, to stop and give him a listen. It's hip-hop in its realist form. Lyrically he doesn't try to over due it or dumb it down, its a steady stream of creativity. I can't make you love it, but you should be checking it out!  Let me give you a chance to form you own opinion. Hurt me Soul (Official )   You Can't Stand It Now, if you enjoyed the selection you can hit the man directly @ the following locales

P1's 2 Cent: Off Air Conversations

(Phenomenal 1 will be posting entries here @ Check it out!) So in the course of my travels and opportunities ive been a part of many radio/tv/print interviews. and its always fun. The on air interviews are usually pretty safe and to the point. But the CRAZIEST stuff comes in to play off the air. I admire the interviewers that take it to the edge and are risky with what they say. The homie Stretch1 is one of those people that holds no punches and will say what he feels. His respect is great with me because he helps put on the people in the city and has one of the most fun and successful college radio shows consistently. Always featuring local talent alongside industry HEAVYWEIGHTS and bringing controversial issues to light. He is, has been, and I am sure will continue to be an advocate for the artist that are striving and sometimes going against the "machine" SO with that I salute you Stretch, and I encourage everyone to give him at least a chance and ch

IT'S BACK!: Saturday Nite Pheature (May 15th Music Lounge 5$ @ door, 3017 W. Armitage)

So its that time AGAIN. Phenomenal 1 is hosting another Pheature and like always expectations ARE HIGH. No more gassing it up, either have yo ass in there Saturday nite, hear some real hip-hop, mingle with some REAL n*ggaz and Females and most of all, come thru to SUPPORT THE REAL! Again be in the building it's May 15th Music Lounge 5$ @ door, 3017 W. Armitage Hit Phenomenal 1 up & let him know about the job he is doing. phenomenal1 Phenomenal1 (773) 206-0837

Freshmen!: Legit (feat. Blacksmith & Yung Shaun) - "I Push On" (Produced by BrandUn Deshay)

New to, let me introduce to you, Legit. First heard of him bout an hour ago, and already I want to hear more. Hailing from Chicago this dude is only 18, making some pretty "Powerful music". Don't sleep on him! Push on  Shoutout! TyKidd over @   on the assist. Check those goodfellas out over ther e An interview w/ Legit.

What you know bout TakeDown Tactics?

In the photo above, this old head demonstrates the end result to a TakeDown Tactic.  A TakeDown tactic is a move or a series of moves used to "TakeDown" your prey.  A takedown tactic is not "game" ran on a female, its no physical assertion against the "prey". It is an event or series of events that occur before sex. Incorrect way to use Takedown  tactics "She wan't trying 2 come off that pussy, had 2 use a Takedown tactic." (If you used force, or pressed the issue too much, you may need to consult an attorney, not Correct way "She was trying to kiss on me, I dodged her, bent her over, killed her" (You have successfully executed a TakeDown tactic) We all fuck, some of us make love. Not just anybody can use TakeDown tactics. Consult you nearest Real nigga 4 details. (TakeDown Tactics will be updated bi-monthly, stay tuned!) 

Pay Attention!: JIG DOLLA "Who Am I" + Since 10/86 Preview!

Jig-Dolla sent this thru via Twitter, and @ we find it necessary to spread the word about ONLY the REAL. Jig goes in over Juelz classic "Who Am I" beat and gives you a preview of what the cover of the mixtape will look like. He wants some feedback from the people so check it out and hit, Jig up and let the brother know something. Who Am I Let him know something! Since 10/86 Vol.1 is still availble Link Here

Pay Attention: Voyce G.I. Go and Esohel- "Mic And A Crowd"

Voyce G.I. Go and Esohel - Mic and A Crowd (Studio Session) from R.Raven on Vimeo . I don't usally do this but... I can't put it in words betterthan the dudes who actually did it.  " A couple weeks back Voyce G.I. Go and Esohel linked up for a session over some production provided by Chris Ill. After a couple hours and a few Red Stripes, the outcome was "Mic And A Crowd".  While laying out vocals R.Raven captured the recording process on ca mera and meshed it with the final product. Look out for both artist to appear on May 29th's "Got The City S.E.W.N" show line up at Abbey Pub." See told ya'll! Mic and a Crowd Keep up with Esohel & let my dude know something! CONTACT INFO EMCESOLUI@AOL.COM (773) 216-7710 MYSPACE.COM/ESOHEL TWITTER.COM/ESOHEL WWW.UDOTFAM.COM SUPPORT THE REAL!