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Brand New!: Andrew Davis II - Say What's Real

Damn! Andrew Davis II showed his ass on this one. Entitled "Say What's Real" Dre leaves not base untouched, he went all the way in. Don't believe the hype, take a second and get acquainted with Andrew Davis II.

D2G - Almost There

The newest member of Straight Up Hustlin Ent. D2G sent this new shit through "Almost There" produced by Rudy P. Magic, Be on the lookout for his group effort with Vic Spencer entitled "Hard Bars", also be on the look out for the Straight Up Hustlin Ent. Compilation album "Family Ties" coming in March. .

Salute to the Real Series: Jig Dolla - Determined to Hustle

The highly anticipated "Salute to the Real" Jig Dolla edition finally is here. We actually had the sit-down a while back and due to unforeseen procrastination, the release was stalled. Jig Dolla is as humble a human being as I ever met. During this interview you will read the dreams and goals of a true hustler. His determination to get everything in life he desires, with the smile of a devious child and the heart of a lion. The next project from Jig "Since 10/86 vol. 2" is due out soon and reading this interview i'm sure if you weren't a fan before you will be afterwards. Salutes Jig Dolla!

Finally Some New Legit! "So Far Gone"

In my opinion, Legit is one of the best & overlooked young Chicago artist out. Do yourself a big favor and check out his latest single "So Far Gone". I won't even tell you how cold it is, just make sure you listening. Just a sample of whats to come off his upcoming summer release "Coloring Outside The Lines". Don't Sleep!

Freddie Gibbs Interview

U Dot Fam "Hoody Weather"

Tha Hood Prepz - Same Devil, New Dress

Don't Sleep!: Blood Done Signed My Name

D-Ablo P-N-D (Party and Drama) Promo video

http://www.facebook. com/v/1673684855210 " /> v/1673684855210 " type="application/x-shockwave- flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="266"> Link to Video D-Ablo is back at it! And according to this, Valentines Day it's over!  He spit some hard shit, check it out, enjoy it & prepare for "Party-&-Drama".

E-Money ft J-Nellz - Bring em Out

E-Money back on it with a new banger featuring J-Nellz called "Bring Em Out". Turn this shit up to the max when you play this one!


Shorty Rome will be home this Spring! In case your unfamiliar with who he is, he was one of the first artist to give an Exclusive. Recently I was going through my music folder and found two UNRELEASED Shorty Rome tracks. The first is him on Rocko's banger "Imma do me: and the other he borrows Shawty Lo's "Dey Know". I can assure you these two tracks are hard! You need to pay attention!  Imma Do Me Dey Know Got more HEAT from Rome SOON!

Dave Raps - In The Morning

Magically popped in the inbox. Dave Raps with his induction to the Only4TheReal family & he comes with his latest visual to his track "in the Morning". The visuals are excellent, this nigga demolishes the beat. Good music. Check this out, and I promise to have more Dave Raps soon!

IntaVention Shit! Tragedy Tha Beast ft Bert Kenerson - Know The Ledge

Only4TheReal Exclusive: M.Rex - I'm Ready

Few days ago on Twitter I talked about how I never heard any rapper try and murder The Diplomats classic "I'm Ready". M.Rex was the only rapper that accepted the challenge. Fresh from the lab, last night I had to run it back 5 times. No, M.Rex didn't kill it as hard as Diplomats did, but its a DAMN GOOD SALUTE! I'm Ready Ya'll need to wake up and pay attention when real n*ggaz do shit like this!

Fuck-Nigga Weekly - Tionna Smalls

Last Sunday night my woman was tuned into "What Chilli Wants" & instead of hounding her to turn the channel, I surprisingly sat through a whole episode of the bullshit. Tionna Smalls is officially "Fuck-Nigga of the week" . Big Mama job is to find Chilli a man of her dreams. Chilli does date the recommendation, but she is in love with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Tionna believes Chilli is wasting her time with Floyd, and is determined to get her to turn her attention to someone more serious about a relationship. So while Chiili & Floyd are out eating dinner, Tionna shows up at the restaurant with a man (a white dude), introduces Chilli to buddy, and disrespects Mayweather all in one swoop. Big Mama, you foul for hating! But she like the typical "Fat friend", hating and CB'ing (Cock blocking). Mayweather proved to be bigger than the distraction (he didn't catch a case). Ms. Smalls better stop playing with Real N*ggz like that!

Kenlo Key Ft. Bert Kenerson - Why Wouldnt I

This man Kenlo Key, been showing his ass these last couple Submissions. He enlisted Bert Kenerson for the new single "Why wouldn't I". Don't just take my word for it, check it out.

Thursday's Round up!

The Round up!

Lungz - Grimey Affair (Prod: Nascent & QB) Dir: N2ition from Brandon "N2ition" Riley on Vimeo .

Behind the Scenes RookieTV - F.O.H music video

Exclusive Video!: Jig Dolla x Dutch Shultzz - Live at The Victor Hotel