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Salute to the Real Series: Jig Dolla - Determined to Hustle

The highly anticipated "Salute to the Real" Jig Dolla edition finally is here. We actually had the sit-down a while back and due to unforeseen procrastination, the release was stalled. Jig Dolla is as humble a human being as I ever met. During this interview you will read the dreams and goals of a true hustler. His determination to get everything in life he desires, with the smile of a devious child and the heart of a lion. The next project from Jig "Since 10/86 vol. 2" is due out soon and reading this interview i'm sure if you weren't a fan before you will be afterwards. Salutes Jig Dolla!

Determined Hustla is phrase we hear often from you without much explanation, what is it about?

A hustler is somebody who who isn't going to let anybody stop what they determined to do.Just like the Wild Bunch Money Gang. We doing everything we want to do. Men do what they want, Boys do what they can. Ya dig?

Wild Bunch Money Gang is another one of those thing the people hear a lot from you that we have no true definition of. What and who is WBMG?

WBMG is me and my guys we all grew up together. We were the typical Chicago crew, ya know like everybody else, doing our thang. We started rapping we just decided on  the name WBMG. We already had it popping in the street, Doing a lil promoting here and there. WBMG is really me, my nigga Bird, My nigga Avenue L's, My nigga J Neal the Great, Dutch Shultzz honorary, We got Milli, Tillion they rep the low end, and we got Spike the Carolina King out of North Carolina.

As far as music is concerned who are you working with currently? Who in the future do you have plans on working with?

Currently i'm keeping it in the family.   I'm working withe Avenue L's and Bird on a lot of stuff. I'm working with Dutch Shultzz and Hollywood P. I'm fucking with Buck 20 Brick Boyz hard, hopefully we can get something done. L.E.P. I rotate with them real heavy, I'd like to do something with them in the near future. Lupe, and pretty much anybody out there on they grind. Really official with what they doing, i'm ready to work with them.

Besides music what other ventures do you have lined up?

Do a little promoting, Briefcase productions. Parties be off the chain. Did Bishop Don Juan birthday party last year it was off the chain. We got a store (Jig and Dutch Shultzz) Determined Hustler the store, Determined Hustler Clothing, I'm the president of Determined Hustler entertainment, running a label at the same time. We got Determined Hustler studios. Right now i'm branding hard. Get ready to see the Determined Hustler & WBMG brand everywhere.

Chicago is notoriously known for hating. In your opinion what can everybody do to dispel the notion?

Shit! Stop hating (laughs)!  Stay in your own lane, Focus on you. Don't worry about the next man. You don't grind you won't shine. Everybody know that!

Success is measured on a case by case basis. What must you do to consider yourself successful?

I feel like I am successful right now, but the thing is money, You gotta be able to turn this into currency. Atleast have a following. I want people to relate to my music, as long as people can listen to my music and take something from it, I feel successful. People speaking already, so I already feel as successful as a Gucci or a Rick Ross. Cause people relate to a nigga and they feel it, and they asking for it.

If you find success in music do you feel obligated to give back to the community you came from?

Well WHEN I find success in music, it's only right. I do all I can right now. I'm a volunteer at Cease Fire. I work with them heavy, trying to steer kids in the right direction. Right now, i'm trying to get a class started with Cease Fire, try and bring young kids in and teach them the business aspect of music. Let them know you just don't have to rap, it's other things you can do in the music business. Your boy might have flow, but you might be garbage (laughs), You might have to get behind the scenes, be a manager, shoot videos, do the promo. I want to teach them that. So lookout for that in the near future. Shoutout Cease fire, TO, Bo Dealy, China Joe. Salute ya'll!

With that said, do you feel it's important for an artist to live what the rap about?

Most definitely. Even if you didn't live it, at least  be there in the equation. Like a nigga say it was "me, Jig, Bird, L's" at least be there if wasn't you doing it. A lot of rappers ain't really live what they saying, but for the most part they probably was around those certain situations. Real gon recognize real anyway, Real gon fuck with the real cause thats what they like to listen to. Fake ain't gon know what to do!

Are you currently working with interested in working any producers, artist, video makers?

So far all my production been coming from J Neal, keeping it inside the family. I want to work with my dude DGainz, he doing his thang on the video side with the Buck 20 Brick Boyz. Them niggaz grinding, I appreciate grind. My nigga Boogz over at WBMZChicago, I wanna work with him. Will Gates I fucks with him. I'm willing to work with anybody willing to work with me. I'm here joe, I rep Chicago, this ain't just a Determined Hustla, WBMG movement, it's a Chicago Movement. Anybody who wanna work.

We heard your story on "Since 10/86" vol. 1, what can the world expect on Volume 2.

I'll say I get a lot deeper on this one. I been stepping my lyrical game up, shout out to me (laughs). I give you a little more insight. I got a song called "Who am I" and it's based on a true story. Everybody in the neighborhood tell me all the time....  I ain't gon give ya'll all the game , ya'll gotta download the mixtape. (Download "Who Am I" <---Click Title)

With the internet becoming a major way to distribute music, what approach do you take to get your music heard?

Man that's hard, If I knew that I'd be on right now (laughs). But for real, gotta keep grinding, networking, build your network. Don't be on no selfish shit. it's about you & your team to a certain extent, because at the end of the day it's about bringing together the City. I'm off Chicago avenue for ya'll who don't what hood that is, a lot of Chicago legends came from my neighborhood, the streets I walk up and down everyday. Crucial Conflict, Do or Die, Danny Boy all these dude paved the way for most of us to do our thang. Real shit, most them guys had some fucked up deals, you have to educate yourself. Listen don't do too much talking, listen to those ahead of you. Sometimes you gotta put your pride in your back pocket and learn something. Build your network and Build your brand. Brand Brand, brand!

When checking for new music, of looking for ways to get your shit out there, what sites do you checkout? Jack!, WormTv, DGTV, FakeShoreDrive, DudeGotBars, AllCityHipHop, IllCity, GowhereHipHop. It's a lot of sites you should fuck with on the Chicago side!

For the people to stay updated on Jig Dolla, What should they do?
Follow me on Twitter @JigDolla and the movement @WBMG5, Producers hit the email, Check out my Youtube Channel Swag Channel, Put a dollar sign in the air and I'll be there like that!

Be on the lookout for more Jig Dolla and more Salute to The Real interviews soon!

Wondering how you can get an interview? If you gotta ask, you probably ain't REAL ENOUGH!

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(Download) Jig Dolla - Who Am I 

(Download) Since 10/86 Vol. 1

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