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Ayo - Playa (Video)

Ayo linked up with Only4TheReal for his latest video off the upcoming compilation FakeNeedNotApply vol. 2 Rated Real. Directed by me, you know its hot. You know what to do #DonrSleep

Nick Barz - Something To Smoke To (Video)

Roll up music. Nick Barz gearing up strong. Don't Sleep, he got more on the way.

Words Can Be Powerful "Put The Guns Down" Ben Falealili

Young Jeezy - Do It For You ft. Freddie Gibbs

This shit go hard some real shit

Words Can Be Powerful "2 Fingers 1 Love A Thousand Goodbyes"Rob Atchison

Chin Chilla Meek - Smoker's Delight

DGainz you got another one. Real unique, not your average smoker song. #DontSleep

VIDEO: GLC (PERFORMANCE) - INTRO / OUT THE KITCHEN live in chicago 8-26-11

GLC - INTRO + OUT THE KITCHEN verse live in chicago 8-26-11 at the
Double Door for "HAF Music Presents" (Shoutout Writers Wednesday for the footage)

Words Can Be Powerful "At 13" Kenneth Morrison

Big K.R.I.T. - The Vent

Big K.R.I.T is one of the hottest spitters in the game right now if you aint know by now download a couple of his mixtapes and become a believer enjoy

Words Can Be Powerful "It Rained Lastnite" Jasmine & Alexis

Need they say more listen and learn

Words Can Be Powerful "She Says She Loves Me" Lamont Carey

Lil Wayne - How To Love

Words Can Be Powerful "Dear Father" J. Ivy

2 Chainz Feat Bun B & Big Krit - Pimps [VIDEO]

2 Chainz and Krit???? Bun B there too! "Pimps" is part 2 to "Pimp C Back"! This shit is hard! #DontSleep

Words Can Be Powerful "Wake Up Call" Rob Atchison

K DUB Media Presents...A-Way "Live In The Moment"

Tha IntaVention/Hu$tle Ward member A-Way unleashes visuals for this banger off his latest project, Road Rage, entitled "Live in the Moment". Featuring appearances from Tha IntaVention's own Bigg Unit and UFO/Hu$tle Ward member Dre Chi amongst others. Road Rage is available for free download @

Nick Barz ft Bam & G.Vega - Mr. Right

Nick Barz bought the crew along for the ride on this leak off his upcoming project. This one is for the ladies, but everybody need not sleep!
Mr. Right

Good Vocation feat. Kenlo Key "Magic"

Off of their latest mixtape "The Diary of Everlasting Dreams," Good Vocation a music video to "Magic" featuring Tha Intavention's own Kenlo Key. Directed By Chavias Houston. #ThaDreamChaserz #ThaIntavention #FrostFilms

Neak “It’s Your World”

Words Can Be Powerful "The Girl" Kristine Juntura

King Deon - Hard Times and Dolla Signs (Video)

King Deon and Only4TheReal = #TooMuchRealNiggaShit! We gave you a trailer, now here is the complete video. Off that upcoming "Hard Times and Dolla Signs" album, you can also hear it on FakeNeedNotApply 2 (Rated Real) 9-19-11.

Chris Shields "Rush" Official Music Video (Dir. by Sean Babas)

Official Music Video Directed by Sean Babas  Presented by Hundred Grand Ent.
Shout out to the homie Chris Shields for showing the love to the site #only4thereal

The Interrupters (Must see) @TheInterrupters

If you live in Chicago this is a must see film. I will be attending the screening tomorrow afternoon, I hope to see some of the Only4TheReal family there. The movies follows the work CeaseFire does for the city. This is such a hot topic in Chicago, its always great to see something positive and informative on the subject. 
Please #DontSleep and Checkout Interrupters site and Social networking

Words Can Be Powerful "Light Skin Did" Michael Ellison

Ambition Parts 1&2

Ambition is an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power,honor,fame, or wealth, and the willingness to strive for its attainment. Most people these days lack that drive and willingness to work for there goals because they think everything should be handed to them or served up on a silver spoon sorry but for most of us you got to work for. @Wale is giving out the blueprint to success while staying true to hisself so listen up and take notes.

Young Geezy TM 101 Behind The Scenes Concert

When Thug Motivation 101 hit the streets  that’s all you heard beating down the block. 6yrs later you can still pop that CD in and just ride to it, vibe to it, whatever  too  it. A lot of artist have never released a classic album let alone a classic album on there first try. In this video Geezy gives you a behind the scenes look at his Thug Motivation 101 concert in the NYC press play and enjoy #only4thereal shout out to the people overat

Words Can Be Powerful "Danger" Amir Sulaiman

He snapped while delivering a great message #fakeneednotapply

Nick Barz - No Tomorrow

Nick Barz too slept on! Just seen this "No Tomorrow" visual directed by Elephilms and just further proves my point, Nick Barz be going the fuck in! #DontSleep!

Words Can Be Powerful "Father's Day" Shihan

Words Can Be Powerful "The Ugly Show" Black Ice

Real shit but if you fake get yo shit together 

Lucci V Yea We Do Dat

Fresh Banger from Lucci V listen and enjoy he gave only4thereal a exclusive off his upcoming mixtape

Infamous (Of Black Table Committee) - The Way You Are

Black Table Committee is gearing up, but this time Infamous steps out on his own and takes us on a very dark ride with him! It's hot, but this guy gotta be crazy!
The Way You Are

FakeNeedNotApply 2 is On The Way!

Its coming. Almost a year since the last time we dropped our compilation, we back with seconds. Rated Real will feature exclusive material as well as some shit you probably heard. But all of you will feel! Stay in tune as we leak tracks, videos and interviews from the people that make FakeNeedNotApply 2 a Classic! 
It's not too late for you to submit, ( but get them submissions in ASAP! (September 1, 2011 Cut-off date)

Nick Barz - Stupid Flow

If you or anybody you know, knows Nick Barz let him know LB of is looking for him! Everytime I ever heard Nick Barz he going nutz on the track. This right here is no different. They said it's Lil B beat, but this shit now belongs to Nick Barz.
Stupid Flow

Pavy - The Book of Pavy (MIxtape)

Pavy finally releases his anticipated "The Book of Pavy" mixtape. Downloading my copy right now, you should do the same!
Download Link
Part 1 of Pavy's YNotMyDream Interview

Young Giftz (Of F.O.C.) - Do That

Young Giftz went crazy with this shit! Lead single off his upcoming debut "The Lake Effect" and make sure everybody you know hear this! #CertifiedOfficial
Do That

Neak Feat. Scheme x Sincerely Yours x Slot-A - Snotty Noze

Neak keeps em coming withh this new joint "Snotty Noze" produced by Trumaine. This shit is extremely hot! 
Snotty Noze

Vote for Neak on MTVU: It's Your World - Directed by Cam Be and Produced by INTLMC x Slot-A -

A-Way ft BXC & Ashlee Bankz "Wyllin Inda C H I"

Tha Intavention and Chicago is in full effect in A-Way's latest visual "Wylin in The Chi". BXC also murdered the track. Cool visuals #DontSleep

DGainz - Business Over B*tches

Smooth shit from DG! Niggaz forget he do his thang on the artist side too.

Beast The Skitzo - Dedicated To The Grind (Directed by Tyler Furlan Films)

Skitzo back on that Body Bagz type shit! Dedicated to the Grind (Don't Sleep!)

Words Can Be Powerful "I Need To Write" J. Ivy

Express Ya Self

Tony Story Meek Mill

Words Can Be Powerful "Cotton" Preach

Had to end the week right

Only4TheReal Presents | Welcome Home Rome [Interview]

It's what ya'll been waiting for! Rome is home and he speaks with Only4TheReal about what's next on is agenda and a whole lot more. He came with a gift too, so stay tuned until the end. Rome gone be everywhere in no time, remember where you seen him first!

Neak Feat. GLC & Trinity - Celebration of Life's ILLZ (Prod. By Slot-A)

Celebration of Life's Illz #RealNiggaShit (What more can I say) #DontSleep
Celebration of Life's Illz

2Chainz - Pimp C Back [Video]

Gotdamn 2Chainz! Everybody screaming somebody back, but 2Chainz might have the title on this topic. I'm glad he didn't use Ross' overused and overrated "Tupac's Back" beat. Good to hear good refreshing music!

Pavy - "Nobody Cares"

Pavy enlisted some help on his latest single "Nobody Cares" which features  D2G and GoD Jewels. Pavy is gearing up for his monday release of "The Book of Pavy" and he does so very nicely with this one.
Nobody Cares

Chase N Dough - Tweet This {Mixtape}

Respect Chase N Dough grind! And don't sleep on his music. Sent his latest project "Tweet This" through featuring THE HOTTEST UP AND COMERS from the city.Young Diesel, King Louie, E Bone HoodRich and DGainz. Get in tune RIGHT NOW! I'm trying to tell you!
"Tweet This" Download Link

Words Can Be Powerful "Cheatin" Poemcees

Yea she cheatin

Movie Pick of the Week | Once Fallen

Another sleeper pick for the masses, featuring the always beautiful Taraji P. Henson. The movie follows the life of Chance (Brian Presley) as he tries to walk a straight line coming out of prison. Chance must deal with his new status as a single father to his 5 year old daughter. He also must deal with his father Liam (Ed Harris) who is trying to pull his son back into the life. All these elements makes for one GOOD ASS MOVIE. You can check it out on Netflix or Starz OnDemand if possible. #DontSleep and always remember I never send you off! Until next week...

Words Can Be Powerful "P.O.W" Alicia Keys

Brown Paper Bag - Dolla

Just stumbled across this song and decided to share it with the real enjoy

RIP Dolla- Ghetto Prayer

Right now the city is the hottest place to be and not in a good way, you got a shooting on this block someone died a couple blocks over and damn near all of this violence is black on black its crazy. the saddest part of this is most of the slayings are young kids that were just beginning to experience life we as a community most do better and learn to turn the other cheek sometime. RIP PEIRRE DIDDY AMBROSE we love you and miss you cuz

Dave Raps The Recap {Part Deux}

Dave Raps has been ob a 30 day mission that will culminate soon. This is the chance for you to find out about him now, before you left behind. This man goes NUTS on tracks. Don't sleep!
Link to all Dave's Tracks
Only 9 more days to go, don't sleep!

Words Can Be Powerful "Wife,Woman,Friend" Dana Gilmore

Just listen shes speaking a lot of real shit

Dame Dash keeps it 100% about his Tax problem

Get More: MTV Shows

Dame Dash recently discussed his recent trouble with the IRS. Coolest part about this interview is when it got too real when Dash proclaimed "I'm Fucked up!". He gets real specific about what put him in this position and the process of getting it handled. We at Only4TheReal wish that brother the best! Can't keep a good dude down!

LEP Bogus Boys - Church Is In Session

L.E.P Bogus Boys with another banger

Words Can Be Powerful "My Letter to Hip Hop" Bridget Gray

A lot of truth behind her words

Malz "Otis Cover"

Twitter @malzmusic

Words Can Be Powerful "Friend Zone" Consequece

Words Can Be Powerful "Letter To The Editor" Patrick Washington

Hope you heard and understood the message behind the words

Tupac Need I Say More

Tupac  was one of the real people I’ve ever heard speak black or white. He had the power to touch your soul without even being in the same room as you not many people can do that. Pac was not only the voice of the hood and the thugs but the voice of the misunderstood in this video it show Tupac debate a room full of people about sagging his pants and what it means to him so listen up and enjoy. R.I.P Tupac real nigga ain’t many like him

Words Can Be Powerful "Where I'm From" Lemon

Don't just listen take something from everything you hear remember you can always turn a negative into a positive

Stalley - Live @ Mojoes (Joliet, IL) | 7.28.11

Stalley recently made a stop in Joilet, Shot and Edited by @WeBeenFresh

E-Money ft Mush Millions - "Get It Poppin"

E-Money & Mush Millions will have the entire city slamming this. Repping Chicago #TheRightWay! 
Get it Poppin

Words Can Be Powerful "They Call Me Drama" Flow Mentalz

They call me drama. More words for thought

Dee-1 ft. Mannie Fresh - The One That Got Away (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Any and everybody can relate to this song we all got that one that got away

Words Can Be Powerful "When Hip Hop Was Fun" INQ

Listen then judge it

Trinity ft. Griffen - Chicago Summer

Trinity and Griffen team up for this reality check that the world needs to check out! Yeah its crazy out here in these city streets!
Chicago Summer
Stop sleeping on Trinity!

King Louie - G Shit (Prod by Chase N Dough)

King Louie and Chase N Dough, U know this good shit!