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Prince James (@FBPrinceJames) - Russian

Top 10 Chicago Projects 2K15 #4 KidWond3r (@Kidwond3rbeatz) - Truth Hurts

Top 10 Chicago Projects 2K15 #6 Dez Lanky (@DezLansky) - #BBC

Prince James x Phenom (@FBPrinceJames @FBPhenom) - Want From

VonWorld Mike (@VonWorld_Mike) - Location

Top 10 Chicago Projects 2K15 #8 Sunnie Storm (@SunnieStorm) - #HelioCentric

Mixtape: Tooty (@I_Am_Tooty) - Suicidal Thoughts

Video: Official - Dollaz (@Official_HSM @SheHeartsTevin)

Podcast: #SpillinSauce w/ DGainz (@DGainzBeats) on #O4TRRadio pt 1

Video: Cherry + Y-Talk - Everything On Me (@BLINDFOLKSFILMS)

Minko #LoweLife (@MinkoLowe) - Who I Am

Josi Green (@NobodyKnowsJosi) - Say It Ain't So

Video: Ronn Taylor (@Taylor_OB4L) - #O4TR

Mixtape: T+Godz (@TGodzmusic) - T+Godz

Video: Ytalk - W.T.M.C. \\ @DirByCholly

MWTG (@MWTG2333) - Dreams and Nightmares

Courtlin Jabrae & The Guys (@CourtlinJabrae @WeTheGuys) - Honesty

Video: Avenue Elz (@Stokeslee88) - No No