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Top 10 Chicago Projects 2K15 #8 Sunnie Storm (@SunnieStorm) - #HelioCentric

To end the year at we have compiled a list of personal favorite projects of 2015. There is very little influence on this list besides the fact the music moved either Bundy or Jay and they personally enjoyed it. No clout, no phone calls or emails or other outside sources influenced this list, we hope you take our advice and checkout each and every artist we showcase on this list. With that being written, enjoy and tell a friend to tell a friend. If you know us personally, its nothing personal. Come harder in the 2K16

Ms. Storm makes the list of hottest projects at number 8. "HelioCentric" was quite the joint featuring just 12 original songs, Sunnie made sure her presence was felt on this one. Bundy will be the first to admit he has preconceived notions when it comes to the Femcee. Sunnie Storm destroys all that prejudice from the moment I pressed play. Can't describe it as Neo-Soul, but it's soulful and it's not rap, but its also not R&B. Call Bundy corny, its just music. She delivers her lyrics with vigor but yet so sensual, and she also harmonizes that give her music an Aaliyah type feel (all Bundy opinion). This hip-hop is unisex, whoever can feel this. Give it a listen if you haven't already and keep your eye on Ms. Storm in 2K16. She is something truly special.

Best of the Best:
01. HelioCentric, 03. Catch Feelings, 04. Alone, 05. Phareal, 07. Jodeci, 08. G Baby, 12. Her eyes watching God



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