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What you On? Sumbody LYING!

If everybody gangster, then who bitches? Sumbody LYING! Maybe you weren't in tune with the Goon Squad movement, so you've never heard this. Brain Hussla poses this question in his song "U ain't fucking with me" & truthfully he is right. Nobody wants to BE A BITCH. Buts somebody is. Play your part stop fucking up the game! Brain Hussla - U ain't fucking with me

What You On?

All I really want is a gun & a blunt. A lil money & some Keys to a Taurus. -Styles P. ft Angie Stone - Black Magic Gangster & A Gentleman is a CLASSIC in MY OPINION. One of the best tracks on the album, sponsered this segment of "What You On?" Black Magic is basically Styles P. telling the fans he is really nothing more than an average guy. Our Dreams all vary, but our BASIC wants are deep down all the same. Security, money, wheels and our personal bad habits. Think, honestly what do you really want out of life? Do you dream modest (Day dream big)? Or Dream big?  You feel the need to share? Comment section is open to all. If you we're sleep, & never heard this amazing song. I got you! Styles P - Black Magic


Who said good sh*t don't just fall in your lap? would like to introduce you to Be.Water. The only way to describe Be.Water is REFRESHING. He sounds like something straight outta 1994. Old school beats & samples, and a impressive flow to match. I encourage anybody who is trying to hear something different, check him out! Do yourself a favor. Ask yourself DO I EVER SEND YOU OFF? EXACTLY!  The Strong (Iron Clad Giant)   The mixape is fire from Beginning to End, so instead of posting up more tracks, check out his Bandcamp site, its on point!   Hit Be.Water up & let him know the demonstration! http://bedotwater.bandcamp. com/ water/Cassette+Tapes aguanegro BEwater/249552376964   Be.Water - Jet Li's meaning    

"Official": Jig Dolla Feat. Dutch Shultzz - "Ups & Downs"

A lil late with this one. Found this via ( ) & couldn't let you sleep on my dude. This is a track off his mixtape "Since 10/86" it's entitled "Ups & Down" & if you haven't already heard it, Your Welcome. Hope to hear more Jig Dolla SOON! "Ups & Down" ft Dutch Schultzz Don't  forget to let him know! Don't just enjoy & DIP! Hit him up! DL his entire mixtape @ Link Here

Focus Tragedy Tha Beast - Music on My Mind (Mixtape)

When was the last time you hear an album or mixtape that you just listened to without skipping a single song? Now think about the artist who's project it was. EXACTLY! Only4Thereal salutes Tragedy The Beast for his mixtape "Music of the Mind", this shit is HOT! In all honesty Tragedy reminds me a lot of Mike Nitty, with the sound and lyrics. This brother brings heat every track of his mixtape & the production is OUTSTANDING! If you are not into REAL music, don't DL this tape. If you'd rather hear the beat bump over the lyrics, Don't waste ur time DL this tape. Tragedy is not for everybody, so if you are not looking to listen to QUALITY MUSIC, don't DL his tape. Shoutout on the assist!  Link here Now you know 2 things have to happen now. 1. You'll give feedback to my dude through the variety of links posted, 2. You'll get a preview of what I'm trying to put you on. Let Tragedy know how you feel him: http://www.faceboo

Introducing: Yung Tez - Espy

Attending Phenomenal 1's Saturday nite Pheature, I had the pleasure of meeting a number of local artist, 3Tre, Precise -1, and Yung Tez . To be honest at first listen I wasn't feeling Tez' music. But after hearing what the internet had to offer, and checking out the Mixtapes he passed out after his performance, HE GETS THAT STAMP! Yung Tez is not new to this by any means. But he is new to the experience. We support the REAL. And also the talented. Tez has a unique style and spits that "I don't give a fuck flow" that works to his advantage. Hopefully you will be hearing more from Tez here @ because my dude is "Official"! He hit us with this Song named Espy via Twitter, Shit is on point, ya'll check it out & let him know something! Young Tez - Espy Some more shit for you to check out! (Yeah Tez I stole that Picture from you!)

What You On? Fake Love

Fake love's when your homie give you dap Smile in your face but he wants your ass clapped Fake love.. Fake love's when they never be around But once you get rich, they all get down Fake love.. Fake love's when your friend fuck your bitch Don't think with his head only think with his dick Fake love.. So my friends enemies and my enemies be friends Dont show no love, don't pretend You know how it goes. Who you know showing you Fake Love? Think about the people you associate with & why? If you can honestly say nobody show you FAKE LOVE, don't ever return to this site again, If you feel the need to get something off your chest, let it be known. Comment section is for everybody. Listen to Tony Yayo put you on Game. GOTDAMN THIS SOME REAL TALK! Tony Yayo - Fake Love

New Music: MRex and Jesse DJ Cognac DJ Anonymous Space Age 2 Stargate Edition

Only4TheReal affiliate M.Rex drops some heat this Monday. M.Rex and Jesse click up with DJ Cognac & DJ Anonymous Space Age 2  Stargate Edition . For those who are sleep on who M.Rex is go to and watch a day in the life of my dude. You wanna check out the tape before you DL it? Check him out here Download here Aye, Don't ever think you will just enjoy FREE MUSIC & not be asked for feedback! Hit  M.Rex up @ Don forget this Thursday March 18th It's back!

Something Real!: How E. Stacks (feat. GoD Jewels) – Sunroof Missing (Remix)

Came across this track via ( ) & it's How E. Stack s ft GoD Jewels entitled "Sunroof missing remix" . It is here cause it's OFFICIAL! Jewels show his ass damn near every verse, How E. Stacks is a dude we need to hear more from. This shit goes hard so check it out Sunroof Missing (Remix) Tell them how you dig it (or not). Be on the lookout for How E. Stacks’  Anti-Gravity Effect  and GoD Jewels’ Greatness Opens Doors . Both works coming soon. Shout out

Don't Sleep!: Esohel's Industry Series Vol. 1

*ATTENTION* We @ do not give a F*CK how many sites you see Esohel's Industry series Vol. 1 posted at, We still are going to show this n*gga some love. Esohel is back with a follow up to the "Up Early - Slept on" mixtape & we don't even have to listen to it yet to recommend it, this is some shit you should have! Esohel is repping Chi-town to the fullest, and if you fux with you know WE FUX WITH ESOHEL ! HARD! But besides that Esohel is somebody if you haven't checked out, you need to wake up! You get the Only4TheReal stamp of approval before even listening to it, you know he the truth. Download here As a gift he sent with his mixtape  Esohel - Welcome (Exhibit eS)   He recently went through a 7 day period of dropping nothing but BOMBS! We have a lil bit for you but check out the affiliate for the entire week of madness!  Never forget to tell him whats good! EMCESOLUI@AOL.COM MYSPA

Brand New: Esohel

Esohel is Back! He never left, but he has some new sh*t in store for us all. Until Industry Series Vol. 1, Esohel has pledged to release a brand new track everyday, until 3/16/10. Thats dedication! Check out the 3 tracks he's already released!  Esohel - MicroPhone Esohel - Them Boys ft. Cast Esohel- Bullet Proof Now never forget to tell him how you feeling it! Even if you not, let him know that! ESOHEL www /ESOHEL www Shoutout UDotFam  for putting us on!

Real T@lk The Poet Presents: The Complex Rhyming Video Series

Real T@lk is always on something! This time he is releasing a Youtube Series entitled "The Complex Rhyming Video Series" in which he spits & then breaks down the meaning of the verse he spits. The theory I came up with is he trying to teach F*ck N*ggaz  a way to rhyme that is deeper than a basic rhyme scheme you hear from most these artist. If you in need of some help Check these Videos out! If not, still check him out! He might be putting you on! Let him know how you feel! RealTalkThePoet SoulFreshMusicGroup < captainhollywood86/playlist/ 5M-zJuAc/real-tlk-the-mo- better-mixtape-music-playlist > http://www.bestmusiconcampus. com/band/default.aspx?bandID= 2493 http:// http://www.JukeSquadWorldwide. com client=safari&rls=en&q=real+t@ lk+the+mo+better+mixtape&ie= UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

Yeah U Sleep!: Jacka ft Freeway - They Don't Know

Usually here @ we focus on unsigned unheard of talent. But this ain't that. You can thank Jesse James at for this, it's a song from an artist named Jacka featuring Freeway entitled "The Don't Know". It had to be posted, ITS HEAT! The beat is excellent and Jacka and Free sound similar to Free and Beans back in the day. All we EVER want to do is put you on! PAY ATTENTION! They Don't Know If you Feeling this HEAT, Hit These dudes up & tell them about the Great job they are doing. Don't forget Freeway just dropped his album "The Stimulus Package", show love to the real!