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Salute to the Real!: RIP Apollo Creed

If you have never seen Rocky, you are a loser. And if you don''t know who Apollo Creed is Kill yourself. Been watching the Rocky series lately and just like was when I was child, I can't stand to see Ivan Drago kill Apollo Creed. I'm fully cognizant to the fact Carl Weathers was just playing a role, but as long as I live, He will be Apollo Creed. Same goes for Sylvester Stallone, he will forever be Rocky. If you've never seen Rocky, stop reading this bullshit, and see it! NOW!

Focus: Ayo! - "Le PREFIX" -or- "IM READY" (Only4TheReal.Com Exclusive)

Ayo! took a hiatus from music for a nice lil minute, but last nite he decided to make his return. He woke a n*gga up, to let me know he was returning. If you ever enjoyed an Ayo! track, I know you'll love this gem he sent thru. He also alerted me this summer, is going to be CRACKING! What I need you to do now is Listen, DL (If u enjoy it), Tell everybody. Now #GonGetToIt I'm Ready Share your opinion, if you feeling it or not. Hit Ayo up @ the following Locations SUPPORT THE REAL!

Powerful music!: GoDJewels All Things 'Go (Official)

Gotdamn Jewels! If you are from Chicago YOU SHOULD BE PROUD! GoD Jewels released this masterpiece last nite via Twitter and i'm sure everyone who has seen it, watched it twice. This is POWERFUL MUSIC so if thats not your cup of tea, leave now! I encourage everybody to take time & watch and support Jewels Hit GoD Jewels up & tell him how you support his movement!

Focus: The furiou$tylez Collection

Furiou$ Stylez has a message to spread to the entire city of Chicago. I Believe that statement has been made, ATTENTION! "The furiou$tylez Collection" Pt. 1 officially drops Saturday April 24, 2010! Need I say more Support the Real! Hit Furiou$ up and let him know how you feel about the Collection. For Ordering info, hit him up @

Somethings will NEVER change! Can we Smarten up?

You know who Derrion Albert is, right? If not, he was the child killed by the hands of other kids in an after school brawl. That story got National news attention. Do you know Ronald Rosenthal ( )? Or Curtis Settles ( ). Pretty soon you will know who   Cynia Cole is.( ). If you are a Chicago resident, you've seen this play out before, March for violence, Mayor Daley and Jesse Jackson come to your block, hug the kids, plead with the community for change. Nothing happens. Gunfire is silenced for a few weeks, but it returns. And another group is killed, and we get the visit from the Mayor and all the "Activist".  "Thats how it is now, Thats how it'll always be". Jay-Z rapped that in his song "Never Change" off the Blueprint. This statement applies to the whole situation happening in Chicago. Violence will NEVER stop. Murders will never stop. You'd think the death of a 2 year old little g

Smoker Section!: New music

Todays "Smoker Section" entry come courteous of The Boy Illinois & Hunnid Grand. Illinois' track is entitled "Mary in the Morning" & Hunnid enlisted a new comer, Blaknys for his "420 freestyle". A day late with the 4/20 music, but don't act like you won't be flaming up no more bud until 4/20/2011! Please take my advice & ROLL UP 2 THIS! Mary in The Morning Tonight 420 freestyle

4/20 Music!: New Hunnid Grand!

Hunnid sent this over last week, but I sat on this for a minute. In honor of one of the most glorious holidays in the world i'm giving it to the masses! If you kicking it off a few hours early, here is some "Official" 4/20 music! Chi Embassy-Xtra High   In The Air   Flame up to THIS!

Focus: How E. Stacks - The Anti-Gravity Effect (mixtape)

4/20 is tomorrow! (If u don't know, you don't need too.) And when its time to "get it in", How E. Stacks should be among your music selection. He delivers "Excellent" mood-music and his beat selection makes it even easier to enjoy him. Anti-Gravity effect like all #NT artists mixtape has seemingly effortless production. And though you'll love 85% of this tape, at times it seems repetitive  making up the 15% your bound to disagree with. All in all, How E. Stacks is offical. If you want to hear some New, Different, Smoker, music. Take the time and Check How E. Stacks out. Tacos We Awesome Anti-Gravity Affect DL link here Tell How E. Stacks how you enjoy his music

Don't Sleep!: & DJ Black Jesus Present Beast The Skitzo- Rebel Without A Cause

Another fresh face here @, Beast the Skitzo. Intriguing name right? Once you hear his music, you'll no longer wonder why.. Hailing from the Westside of the Chi, you know he has the "Chicago "Street" sound, and  he matches that with impeccable wordplay and slamming beats, making it damn near impossible to not enjoy. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT SLEEP ON SKITZO! Hopefully we hear a whole lot more from you. Shout-out ! (You got that bread? Get @ Em!) Tracklisting: 01. Here’s A Story (Prod. By DaBoyAG) 02. Scarface f/ Lou Skannon & Chozen Few 03. Heart Of A Renegade 04. Beast Mode Freestyle 05. Metal Gear Solid (Prod. By InTACT) 06. Roll f/ Money Mal & Rosco The Rebel 07. Ridin’ f/ Domino Cash & Urban Jones 08. Music On Drugs f/ Dynasty & Urban Jones 09. Dollars In My Eyes (Prod. By Inspired Mindz) f/ Lou Skannon 10. More Bars Freestyle 11. Internet Gangsters 12. Mobb Muzik f/ Papi Storz 13. Mind Of A Skitzo (REMI

New!: Young Tez - I'm so Appalled

Even if you dislike Young Tez' music, you have to acknowledge his hustle. This nigga put out tracks like he Wayne or Gucci1 Seriously tho, Tez blessed us again with another banger. Its called " I'm So Raw- Appalled". It's not the best Tez you'll ever hear, but It'll do. Its worth the listen & DL, Why else would it be here? EXACTLY! I'm So Raw- Appalled If you enjoy Tez' music let a nigga know! Also: If possible Facebook search "Young Tez" to see the video for his track "Espy".  Stay putting n*ggaz on!

Official!: Mike Nitty - It was All a Dream

Mike Nitty has done it again! Although I've only heard about 4 tracks from fam, I've never heard a huff one. He continues his Hot-Streak with "It was All a Dream". On this Biggie assisted track, Nitty gives you that True Street sound. But please be advised this is ONLY4THEREAL so fakes, phonies, and FUCK-NIGGAZ, REFRAIN from listening & DL Nitty shit! It was All a Dream You gotta hit him up & let him know something! Facebook: Search  Mike Nitty Also peep Mike Nitty's Cameo in  Rockie Fresh feat. YP & Big Homie Doe - Fly Like This (Official Music Video) Rockie Fresh feat. YP & Big Homie Doe - Fly Like This (Official Music Video) from Davy Greenberg on Vimeo . Also if you Fux with Mike Nitty, Get on his heels about Ghetto Brick Road! He keeping us waiting too long!


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