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Official!: Mike Nitty - It was All a Dream

Mike Nitty has done it again! Although I've only heard about 4 tracks from fam, I've never heard a huff one. He continues his Hot-Streak with "It was All a Dream". On this Biggie assisted track, Nitty gives you that True Street sound. But please be advised this is ONLY4THEREAL so fakes, phonies, and FUCK-NIGGAZ, REFRAIN from listening & DL Nitty shit!

You gotta hit him up & let him know something!

Also peep Mike Nitty's Cameo in Rockie Fresh feat. YP & Big Homie Doe - Fly Like This (Official Music Video)
Rockie Fresh feat. YP & Big Homie Doe - Fly Like This (Official Music Video) from Davy Greenberg on Vimeo.

Also if you Fux with Mike Nitty, Get on his heels about Ghetto Brick Road! He keeping us waiting too long!


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