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Focus: 700 - We Write it, We Produce it, WE DO THIS!!!!! (Mixtape)

700 is a group out of St. Louis that is hard to find a comparison to. They're Southern sound will at first make you think it's party music, but it's far more lyrical. After listening to the entire mixtape twice, they have Supporters here @ . Honestly these dudes never let up! On every track they delivered quality verses and overall an Outstanding mixtape. My dude Jesse James over @ sent the recommendation and instead of doing him a favor, he put a n*gga on! If your a beat lover download this mixtape ! If you are tired of the Raw ass beat huff ass lyrics movement DOWNLOAD THIS TAPE !  We Write it, We Produce it, We do this - Link Here some spots you can hit 700 up @:   Never will I put you on without a PREVIEW! 700 - SupaBad Shout Jesse

March 6th Saturday Night Pheature Lineup! Battle Rappers Where U At?

Phenomenal 1 is hosting another Saturday nite Pheature, March 6th. All the info on the flyer above!  What he still in in search of is BATTLE RAPPERS. If you are interested please contact Phe before March 6th. The Pheatured artist this time around Young Tez, O4R Affiliate 3tre & Precise. So come out and fux with Phenom and contact him if your in need of more details The next Saturday Night Pheature is March 6th!! Pheatured Artist are: Young Tez, 3Tre, and Precise. Saturday Night Pheature March 6th 2010 Pheatured Performers: Young Tez, 3tre, Precise Venue: Music Lounge 3017 W. Armitage Show takes place in the east bar. Enter thru the main lounge to get to the east bar. Signs will be posted. Doors Open 8pm-2am Info & Tickets or to sign up for battle or 773.206.0837 Sounds by DJ Chosen1 & DJ J Paz Party Starts at midnight after the showcase. Check out our Pheatured Artist! Young Tez - Preparation (Click Here)

Rob G - Young Bird (Yung Berg Diss) Video

Yeah Rob. G is WILD! Addressing well known F*ck N*gga Yung Berg, Rob G holds no punches when referring to his disdain for Berg. Check it out and Let Rob know how you like it!   Never will you leave without checking out some HEAT, from Rob G. Be on the look out for his debut mixtape "The ingredient" SOON! "Donkey"

Check Out Freemont Jackson week at Only4TheReal affiliate Taste of The Go' is featuring Freemont Jackson for an entire week. If you never heard of Freemont Jackson (Join the club) but after a few minutes you'll be put on, like a pair of Air 1's. A suggestion to the wise, CHECK FAM OUT! Freemont is OFFICIAL and everybody who doesn't like being late to "Get on something", you need to check Freemont out RITE NOW!  You already know you'll get a preview. But to to check him out more, shoot over to and fux wit the good people over there. Swangin'  Big foot Ape Shit Freestyle 11-Freemont Jackson-Bigfoot Apeshit freestyle by TasteOfTheGo

Salute 2 The Real: Helen Hawkins

Helen Hawkins is a well respected educator in Chicago. She not only is the founder of Olive Harvey Middle College (A school designed to help Chicago Public high school dropouts earn a Diploma and not a GED) but she also started the Grammar school that I graduated from. Triumphant Charter School used to be located at 4935 S. Seeley in the Back of The Yards neighborhood on Chicago's southside. It modeled the makeup and philosophy of Olive Harvey Middle College, with it's mixed classes of 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders. Instead of being called a "Student" every child was referred to as a "Scholar", and treated as such. The atmosphere of the school was more like a family re-uniting everyday than attending school. And just like every family has a "Mother", Ms. Hawkins was ours. Ms. Hawkins was Sweet, but tough and she always let you know she was In-Charge. Last week I was invited to a Group on Facebook "Ms. Helen Hawkins Saved MY LIFE. What about you?&q

Official!: Mike Nitty - Don't Hate Me Now

  Mike Nitty just dropped his newest track off his upcoming mixtape "Ghetto Brick Road", and the shit is Official! Entitled " Don't Hate Me Now " Nitty goes in on The "Flight school" beat and like always delivers that Street sound that Only4TheReal. Check The track out and let Nitty know something!  Don't Hate Me Now! Hit him up let him know something!

*NEW* The Boy Illinois - In The Air

  The Boy Illinois released his new track "Put it in the Air" via Twitter last night. No need to ask, you know it's ON POINT! Hopefully this is a sign of more things to come from him. Check it out and like always, Let a n*gga Know!  Put it in the Air Reach out to him, let him know what it is

*NEW* Tina B - Down A** Bonnie

  Tina B back @ it, delivering that powerful music. The track is called "Down Ass Bonnie" and its for every dude out "Here" in that position who needs to have a chick like that by your side. Tina B doesn't fall short here. Check it out, Download it, Let her know something. Down A** Bonnie Hit her up at

Ayo - #AyoDejiSopayme (The Mixtape)

Another release from the Walking Canvas boyz. Ayo drops his follow up to "Thank u & your welcome" in association with Maniaz Muzic, entitled #Ayodejisopayme . Named after his personal blog, he displays that usual mix of personal English and bold lyrics. Hearing some new material from Ayo is always refreshing, and he does deliver with this 11 track masterpiece. Mixtape art was done by none other than Big Marcus and its on point (like always). Download and enjoy! It's worth it! You know I got a Preview of the Tape for you!  How We Move Fast Food Share your opinion, if you feeling it or not. Hit Ayo up @ the following Locations


If you are an artist from the Midwest, you need to be in tune with my dude Jesse James and his site . The site hosts Hundreds of Mixtapes from Artist all over the Midwest Region, and it can be home to your next Mixtape (For a fee. Game sold never told). It's already host to some Chicago Representers Bump J, 3Tre, Chip Tha Ripper and few others. With everything in life there are rules and guidelines Here are a few - is owned by OutDawoodworks Marketing and Promotions, LLC based out of STL,Mo. The objective is to give a grass root push for Midwest artists to be heard as well as get artist outside the region some Midwest love. For regular average joe Hip hop heads the mixtapes are still free to download. If u want to be on our mailing list to let u know when new mixtapes are up just email me at @ subject line : mailing list -How to get your mixtape on the website, whether u are an artist or DJ:

Damn Thats Some Real Talk: Smoker Laws

Earlier on Twitter there was a conversation about smoker pet Peeves. That inspired a thought, Smoker Laws! Ran into somebody's Laws on Facebook and decided to share them with you. Instead of just abiding by these rules, let's create our own Laws. If you are down put your suggestions in the comment section and the best "Laws" will be posted and made apart of the "Only4TheReal Smoker Rules". All Participation is appreciated. Shoutout @MsBradford @ItsJustPay @Cause87th @Courtn3yMichelle   It's long so Keep up! 1. Thou shalt not turn down a smoke. Never! This is the definitive rule to live by! 2. The person who rolls the blunt (no matter whose weed it is) gets to spark up the blunt and get first hits. 3. If someone rolls a nice blunt, it's good to give the person a compliment on their rolling skills. 4. If someone starts bogarting the bowl and starts using the excuse that its okay for them to bogart it since it's their weed, this is definit

Get it NOW! Walking Canvas - Art of Living (100% proceeds to Haiti)

Alerted you of this upcoming release a minute ago. Now they are finally available for you to purchase. Check it out and order it now @ purchase 1 or 100 all proceeds go to the Haiti relief effort. Support the REAL & Hardworking Hit the Walking Canvas Boys up and tell them about the great job they're doing. @WalkingCanvas @Ayodejisopayme @ItsJustPay   @MarcusXL

Official! JustPay - JustPiracy The Mixtape

Remember 100%? Just-Piracy is that on Mark McGwire Roids'. Just-Pay returns with his follow up to his debut 100% and he delivers with help from The Maniac Muzic Group ! Now for those who don't know who Just-Pay is he's an artist repping Wild 100's and one of the Founder's and Owners of Walking Canvas clothing . Now that we got that out the way, this is the last time I will tell you, GO DOWNLOAD THIS NIGGA TAPE RIGHT NOW! If you from Chicago, it's a must have. If you enjoy hearing a that raw street sound without compromising on the lyrics, Check him out. He won't disappoint. Official: Burn This City Up, Maniac Muzic, I got Ya'll, Lemon, Just A Intro, Pretty Brown, Good Sh*t: 5445, Flight 107, Too Much. Cigar Service,  Fear of Success, Video Chat Download now and comment about how you feel the tape. It's available @ the Bottom page (Click the Album art for DL link)  Hit Just-Pay and the Maniac Muzic group up these variety of ways http://www.wa

Black History Salute: Herman Petty

A goal I set for everyday is to learn something new everyday. Today I had the pleasure of learning something truly amazing and inspiring. While having a very in=depth conversation about wealth with my Grandmother, she taught me about a man by the name of Herman Petty. Considering his significance in not only Chicago but the world all Black people who enjoy anything at McDonalds should know about Mr. Petty. After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr major cities like Chicago, Detroit, LA etc, all were victim of Arson and looting. It appeared Blacks everywhere had reached their peak with the injustice in this Country. Recognizing the need to address this problem, the Mcdonalds corporation offered a Franchise to a black man. The recipient of opportunity Herman Petty. Opening his first restaurant December 21st, 1968 on 67th and Stony Island on the Southside of Chicago. Mr. Petty went on to own numerous other McDonalds locations and was a founding member of the NBMOA (National

Focus: T.O. Da Prezident - P*ssy Weak (Video)

 T.O. sent this humorous track video over this morning. Its a diss to the chicks out there with the sub-par sex game, and with the odor that makes a n*gga call game over. Check it out its good. Hit him up and tell him about the track. PLUS! Got TWO exclusives from T.O. Check it out 8 Reasons    Meet me in the sky

What You On?

  While watching "Public Enemy" (The movie about John Dillinger) and Dillinger posed a question to a courageous Bank manager that stuck with me Die a Hero or Live A coward Who/what would you die to be a hero for? 

Real Talk The Poet - Where You At

With Black History Month upon us once again Real Talk the poet has decided to grace us with his music again. A new track entitled "Where U @". It's OFFICIAL so take some time out and hear a gem from Our boy Real Talk! If you feel it, click the title for the DL link. Real T@lk - Where U @ RealTalkThePoet SoulFreshMusicGroup < captainhollywood86/playlist/ 5M-zJuAc/real-tlk-the-mo- better-mixtape-music-playlist > http://www.bestmusiconcampus. com/band/default.aspx?bandID= 2493 http:// http://www.JukeSquadWorldwide. com client=safari&rls=en&q=real+t@ lk+the+mo+better+mixtape&ie= UTF-8&oe=UTF-8