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Black History Salute: Herman Petty

Don Thompson, left, President McDonald's USA, shares a laugh with Herman Petty, McDonald's first African-American franchisee, at the grand reopening of McDonald's first African-American owned restaurant Monday, Jan. 21, 2008 on Chicago's south side. The newly remodeled restaurant was opened by Petty in 1968, and is reopening under the leadership of the Black McDonald's Operators Association of Chicago operator Yolanda Travis.

A goal I set for everyday is to learn something new everyday. Today I had the pleasure of learning something truly amazing and inspiring. While having a very in=depth conversation about wealth with my Grandmother, she taught me about a man by the name of Herman Petty. Considering his significance in not only Chicago but the world all Black people who enjoy anything at McDonalds should know about Mr. Petty.

After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr major cities like Chicago, Detroit, LA etc, all were victim of Arson and looting. It appeared Blacks everywhere had reached their peak with the injustice in this Country. Recognizing the need to address this problem, the Mcdonalds corporation offered a Franchise to a black man. The recipient of opportunity Herman Petty. Opening his first restaurant December 21st, 1968 on 67th and Stony Island on the Southside of Chicago. Mr. Petty went on to own numerous other McDonalds locations and was a founding member of the NBMOA (National Black McDonald's Operators Association).

Learn something New everyday. 

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