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New!: Dre Chi - Ha Ha Freestyle

Dre Chi returns to with his second entry over Fat Joe and Jeezy's "Ha Ha" beat. I called it out even after not feeling his first shit. Dre Chi can spit! Now the Rest of you Bastards WAKE UP! Stop and tell my dude some encouraging words or a constructive criticism, Let Dre Chi know your feelings towards his movement #SUPPORTtheREAL

Only4TheReal XXclusive: Corey Cause - U Phony

Whenever Corey Cause blesses me with some new shit its only right I spread this Real shit to ya'll. If you didn't know, now you do. Cause a problem this is an unreleased track from 87th Representer entitled "Phoney". Don't sleep! Pay Homage to the REAL! U Phony   Hit Cause up & plead with this nigga to drop more often. Tell him how you feel his shit.. Support THE REAL!

R.I.P. Michael Bailey

What You On?

Women. The bullshit they go through & put others through is nothing short of amazing. A person close to me always states "Niggaz out here ain't shit!" I think it's time we address that lie.

Smoker Section: Black Matt - Walk Hard

The homey Ty sent this over this morning. Instantly had to ROLL UP! Black Matt has some certified smoking music on his hands, and its up to us to share this Gem with you.This is the second track off mixtape  "The Apatow Project".  Production on the track is by Justize & is impeccable. I'm not going to over hype you on it. Roll up, Smoke one and repeat the steps again. Walk Hard - Dewey Cox Get at Ty for more information regarding Black Matt &  "The Apatow Project" #SupportTheReal

Introducing: Dre Chi - Scared Money Freestyle

Now you might not ever see me do this, but I got a good feeling about this one. This "Scared Money" track it's cool but not amazing. But Dre Chi still gives you hope. Honestly I was unimpressed & really wasn't feeling the track, but he wasn't weak. Dre Chi has a nice, sound and aura on the mic so I know he has some bangers out there. Give the Scared Money freestyle a spin, and see if you have a different take. Hit Dre Chi up & tell him if your feeling his music. #SupportTheREAL

Check it Out!: T.O. Da Prezident, Rob G.& Ripsta - Down South Freestyle

Staying consistent with the New shot. T.O. teamed up with his partner in crime Rob G.and a newcomer Ripsta for what they call The Down South freestyle. Just another T.O. trac to add to your IPod's and MP3 Players. Enjoy! Down South Freestyle Hit the So Hood Ent.Clan up, let them know how you feeling the movement,

New Music! Jeanyus (of Black Table Committee) - Dynasty Freestyle

Some good Street shit. I'd like to take some time to introduce you to Jeanyus. An artist repping Chicago and The Black Table Committee, this is the firs ANYTHING I've heard from him, but I encourage you to check him out. If you know where to get more shit from him, point me in his direction. This dude got Bars! Dynasty Freestyle  

P1's 2 Cent's: 10 Laundromat Tips

City living is one of those things you take it all in stride. One fact of city life is the need to go wash clothes at the laundrymat if you are in an apartment that has no washer or dryer. That is my story. Living like a Bachelor with no washer and dryer at home I frequent the Laundrymat. In doing this I have come to learn a few things. Now Im here to share a few things Ive learned with you. So lets stay So Fresh And Clean yall!   This just my 2Cents. 10 Laundromat Tips Tip#1 -- First things first to make your experience the best it can be go to a Laundrymat that has the machines that takes quarters. Not the tokens/cards. (This is not Chucky Cheese/ a Link affair)...f*ck them cards cuz u can't get yo money back! Besides I use my leftover quarters to buy a 22oz Bud Ice and a bag of chips after I wash. *toast to clean clothes* Tip#2 -- Bring large currency denominations The Laundrymat is Not a strip club. U not tippin the attendants...although a strip Laundromat might be hot! (Ha

Focus: Wrecked Linings

New Heat! M.Rex - Kush in my Cigar (Video)

Been waiting on Rex to drop this mothafucka! My nigga Rex finally delivered a video to go with that summer ANTHEM he got out here " Kush in my Cigar ". Now if you haven't DL and bumped this shit 200 x's, you got catching up to do. M.Rex official! And we need to start supporting our artist a lot more than we do. Your best bet is to grab it while he giving it away. Soon ya'll will be paying! Download "Kush in my Cigar" Salute my nigga  Rex!

New Sh*t!: Tha Hood-Prepz ft. Shaun Billz "Wake Up"

Bringing you nothing but the best, I present this very talented brother from Indiana named The Hood Prepz. He sent over his new single "Wake up" featuring Shaun Billz & I know one thing for sure, it's a good solid track. I heard the track and instantly went in search of more homey. The conclusion I came up with is, you won't like all his music. But he has something for EVERYBODY to feel. Give my dude a chance. Remember I've never sent you off! Wake up! Take some time to hit him up & let him know how you feel!

Good Sh*t!: Young Tez - Im So Appalled (Video)

Young Tez finally released a video for his song "I'm so Appalled". Not too much to it, but still effective. And he shouts out everybody's favorite,  Only4TheReal™. Besides that if you never heard this track don't sleep. Tez delivers! Hit Young Tez up & tell him you appreciate his GRIND! SUPPORT THE REAL!

Salute to The Real!: Ayo! - Thuggy

Ayo has been WORKING! In his new material you will hear Ayo like you've never heard him before. H e released this new track "Thuggy" via Twitter. A video will accompany the song at a later date, but for now all you must do is Salute my dude Ayo! Thuggy Hit Ayo & show some love for the HEAT he supplying!

New Heat!: T.O. Da Prezident - I'm On Dat

Been waiting a minute for my dude T.O. to bless us with some new shit. The name of it is "I'm on Dat" and its a bit different than any T.O you probably heard before.  T.O. and Rob G. really have been focusing on the performance aspect of the game. Expect more T.O. in the coming week & months, and is this is any indication of whats next. T.O. is on his way! I'm On Dat Now tell T.O. your opinion of the music. Hit him up at these various spots.

Don't Sleep!: J.White ft. Gaggie - "Mike Vicks" (Official!)

J. White & Gaggie did the damn thang on this one right here. The video isn't spectacular, but it gets the job done.  J. White delivers a solid track and video on this one right here! Hit him up and let him know how you feeling it! SUPPORT THE REAL!