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What You On?

Women. The bullshit they go through & put others through is nothing short of amazing.
A person close to me always states "Niggaz out here ain't shit!" I think it's time we address that lie.
Niggaz aren't shit because women aren't shit. How can you look for perfection or something like it, when being foul and secret is a part of you make-up? Women all deceive and use what they have to get what they want and need.

The friend I spoke of earlier is ecstatic she found a  un-corrupted and good man. He works full-time no kids, no gangs, no block. She on the other hand Child, Job, School, Baby Daddy multiple niggaz. The biggest problem is her prior committed relationship with an incarcerated man. Now no matter how much she feeling this man, she still has a guy locked up, believing she is down for him. 

My true question is how can you expect perfection with out perfect.

You can just let a nigga know!