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LB's Real N**** Tip of the Week (Oct 31st, 2011)

"Keep your word for better or for worse." Life has many unscheduled events that sometimes makes this goal unattainable. Understood. But for the times which this isn't the case practice making your word count. If you say your done fucking with something/Someone  stick with that. If you trying to focus more on you and your situation, do it. Stop letting outside factors and forces aid you in the breaking of your word. Stick to your script.

Chase N Dough Presents Dope Season Instrumentals (Sponsored By Dj Hustlenomics)

Chase N Dough grinding like a reggae dance! Halloween gift for the masses. An entire beat tape (Sponsored By DJ Hustlenomics) for the free! Just download and apply them huff ass 16's. For serious though, check him out and support. After you DL this free shit, Holla at em and spend that on some quality production. #DontSleep Link Here

King Louie - He's On Fire

"He's on Fire" suits the name of this shit perfectly. S/o Chase N Dough on the beat, DG on the visual.  #DoNotSleep

Chief Keef - John Madden

DJ Kenn laced Chief Keef with another one! This "John Madden" shit is insane! #DontSleep

Ta'i Kash - "O' Yes" (Official Video)

Ta'i Kash sent his latest visual over "O'Yes". Hailing from Chicago's Westside check him out and see if you feelin it!

Edai Ft. - Phone Numbers (Video)

Edai x S.Dot x Prince Films = Official. #DontSleep


Ayo delivers a visual for his ode to Walking Canvas "WC4Ever". Directed and Edited by MarcusXL, he is gearing up for the release of his upcoming EP "Syce Volume 1" #DontSleep

Stevo Swagg - Money Makin Mitch

Stevo Swagg clicks up with AON films for his visual "Money Makin Mitch". DJ Kenn is responsible for the beat                                                                                                                                                                          #DontSleep                                                                

Chase N Dough - Megaman freestyle (Video)

Chase N Dough trynna monopolize! Peep the visual. #DopeEffect hosted by DJ Hustlenomics coming soon!

Tree - "Summertime In The Chi" (Video)

The wait is over! Writer's Wednesday x Tree link up for the visual for " Summertime in The Chi " off The Tree EP. If you ain't in tune, go to the Download Center and get a copy today!

Wale - The Making of "Ambition" V (The Finale)

Ambition is coming 11-1-11. Listen to what this man's says. Aspire to be what he describes in every area of your life #Ambition 

J-LYN - House Maid (Video)

Brand new J-LYN co-starring Bo Deal and directed by Alvin Ellmore. #DontSleep


Brand New from Chase N Dough Films.  #DontSleep

D.Son (New Single "Higher" AND Pt.1 of "Don't Cost Nothing"

. New single, new documentary and interview D.Son grinding like a Reggae Dance. "Higher" is his first track since "#SuimmerTimeChi", and  he doesn't disappoint.

F.O.C. Presents Young Giftz The Lake Effect

Finally the Lake Effect is here! Young Giftz seriously been grinding and now here is the finished product. Giftz really repped the right way on this one! ESC Download Here

Onis - "On The Real" (Video)

Stay Humble's Onis on his shit. Check out his latest visual "On the Real" directed by Writer's Wednesday. His project "On The Contrary" due out in December. #DontSleep

The Boy Illinois – Inhale Pt. 4: Horai [Trailer]

The Boy Illinois out here! #DontSleep

Mobb Deep, King Louie, LEP & YP Live In Chicago [10-21-11]

We on our way! {Edited by A Zae Production} 

Wild Bunch Money Gang ( @WBMG5 ) - Black & Gold (Video)

Damn! WBMG deliver a solid visual directed by A Zae Productions for the smash single "Black & Gold". Take note this is repping your shit the right way. No need to disrespect anybody else, just do you #BlackandGold. #DontSleep

Ibn - OTIS (Video)

lbn gearing up for that "No Substance" due out 10-26-11. The more I hear from dude, the more I want to hear more. You should pay attention. #DontSleep lbn On Twitter

RLC - Blowin' Dope

RLC and DG Films link for this one. If you sleeping  on DG or RLC. Wake Up!

RLC - Blowin' Dope

Stash P - Boss Me (Video)

F.O.C.'s own Stash P drops his latest visual for his single "Boss Me". Directed by A Zae Productions this is truly a Gangster anthem. #DontSleep

K.Flow - Judy Duty

K. Flow is OFFICIAL! Rapper/Producer/Singer she is a triple threat and is preparing for her release "Metallic Tears" due out October 20th. Today what I have for you, is a little more woman orientated. A very creative and artistic way at looking at a woman's "Time of the Month". Give "Judy Duty" a listen and see why I said K. Flow is a offical Judy Duty

(Exclusive) M.Rex - Dear Summer #MRexFree

After an extended stay in Indiana, M.Rex is finally home. And he is finally back at it. "Dear Summer" is a rare look into the life of Rex and you don't even need a visual to see how hard this shit is. Keep this brother in your prayers as he continues his fight with the judicial system, but right now sync this shit to your IPod's, MP3's and download it to your phone. This shit is not to be slept on! Dear Summer  

So Hood Gang - They Shot My CEO

Whoooo! If you didn't know, last month T.O. Da Prezident was shot, and he and So Hood Ent are back with a fucking vengeance. He bought the whole gang out for this one! #DontSleep Shot My CEO

Nick Barz - Otis (Freestyle)

I heard somewhere this the hottest "Otis" freestyle on the planet. I'm not ready to go that far, but its pretty damn good. Stop sleeping on Nick Barz. "Nice Dreams" on the way soon... Otis Freestyle

Joe's DINER - Bout That Life

If you 'Bout That Life' good check this out now. If you not, fuck you doing here anywhere? #DontSleep Bout That Life

Al Dilla - "The Vision" (Video)

Brand new Al Dilla directed by Writer's Wednsday. Very first visual off his upcoming fall release. Smooth shit. #DontSleep. I fux with the "Find Ya Wealth" beat used in this one too. #RealNiggaShit

S.U.H.(Pavy, Capital K & TeeBeezy) "Material Girl" (Video)

Second video off S.U.H.'s "Family Ties" joint. "Material Girl" directed by Thomas Price is different than all the other visuals you see today. Refreshing. #DontSleep

Dave Raps - Cognac Shades (VIDEO)

Dave Raps returns with a video for his single "Cognac Shades". Fresh off #DaveDaze lets hope this is the beginning of more hot shit from Mr. Raps.

Bo Deal - Debo

Bo Deal a fool for this one! #DontSleep

Ibn - DFWM (Video)

WHOA! This shit is COLD! lbn visual for his upcoming "No Substance" release hosted by DJ Hustlenomics due out 10/26/11. Get yourself in tune with this young man, stop sleeping. lbn on Twitter

L.E.N.O XTR - "Lifetime"

Dafi always got something for the masses. L.E.N.O. XTR drops his latest visual promoting the resurrection of real hip-hop! "Lifetime" gives you that 90's rap feel. check it out

R.O.E. - Blue Sky (Random Thoughts)

Its been a while. R.O.E. came back to remind us he is not to be slept on! Borrowing Common's Mr. Blue sky track, Rising Over Envy drops his own "Random Thoughts". Be on the lookout for his next project he's dropping sometime in December "TheRadiantChildLP" inspired by the documentary on painter Jean Michel Basquait. #DontSleep Random Thought Stay in tune with R.O.E.! Official Site R.O.E. on Twitter R.O.E. on FB R.O.E. on Youtube

Buck 20 Brick Boyz - Hard Work Payz Off {Mixtape}

FINALLY! Brand new Buck 20 mixtape "Hard Work Payz Off" out today and even minus Billionaire Black this muhfugga still official. F. Dot and Choppa demonstrate why Buck 20 is on top! Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Young Giftz (F.O.C.) - Roll Call

Brand new music from Young Giftz out the F.O.C camp. "Roll Call" is Giftz ode to his hoes spread out all across the city. Be careful out here, the nigga might say yo bitch name... #DontSleep Roll Call That Lake Effect is on the way! Get in tune ASAP!

J. Reed - Spilling Liquor (Prod. By GeniusBoy)

J. Reed sent his first single off his upcoming project " The Root of Evil ". Every drinker can appreciate this track " Spilling Liquor " and it's not one of them corny ass cookie cutter club songs, this shit is hot! #DontSleep Spilling Liquor   Get in tune with J.Reed! Twitter

Chief Keef - Bang {Mixtape}

Chief Keef and Dj Hustlenomics link for his latest release "Bang" the Mixtape. Either you fux with him or you don't, no hate. Chief Keef on his shit. S/o the whole AON Family  Download Here

Neak - Ready To Go {Prod. By Slot-A}

Neak gotta alotta shit popping. A3C performance Saturday, new single for ya'll today etc. But first things first, Slot-A laces Neak for his latest effort "Ready to Go". Get in tune with that. Message from Neak himself

Nick Barz ft Parkay - Fully Loaded

Nick Barz continues to grind towards the release of his release. This week he leaks his single featuring one of Chicago's heavies Parkay. "Fully Loaded" ain't for half ass niggaz, so if you ain't one of them, #DontSleep

BobOLA - Cocaine

BobOLA channels his inner Frank Ocean to put his very own spin on Ocean's hit single "Novacane". Ola instead substitutes that for "Cocaine" which makes for a very similar but different track. S/O We On Ent. for sending this through Cocaine

RMB JUSTIZE - Monster (Official video)

Directed & Edited By: Tell - A - Vision / Jerron yarbrough

Words Can Be Powerful "For da Love" Boonaa Mohammed

Tree x Big Wiz x Mick Luter - Neighbors

Cuffed this one from its Tree, Big Wiz & Mick Luter and its called "Neighbors". The shit speaks for itself.