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#O4TRRadio Episode Fourteen: No Love In The City

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#O4TRRadio Episode Eleven: Ain't No Love On VDay?

  On this episode Amillz and Bundoza open up discussion Tessica Brown aka Gorilla Glue Girl and her rise to prominence from stupidity. They switch the style up to discuss Tom Brady and his 7th Super Bowl ring and how greatness eases all the pain. After a brief break, Amillz and Bundoza are joined by the Arab, Lauren and Jacuzzi to discuss "Sex, love and Valentine's Day". One real wild conversation! The tide turns to "NYAB (Nigga You Ah Bitch)" and the award goes to TI and Tiny for getting caught up in the bullshit and fucking up the sack. We move to close it out with "4 Useless Facts".

#O4TRRadio Episode Ten: Hate Love and Desires

  On this episode AMillz and Bundoza open up with OFNG (On Foe nem Grave) Black History Month the right way saluting Master P for all his excellence and his new venture with Trion motors to develop the first black sports car. We then move to calling for Mayor Daley to return to take over Chicago, we call Mayor Lightfoot for her negligence during the snowstorm and the days following. We are joined by Lauren to discuss the topic of the night "Love and Happiness: Desire" a two week series in honor of Valentine's Day. And this week we discuss what it is we really want. Touchy, intimate and real as it should be. We then move on to "NYAB (Nigga You Ah Bitch) and this week we award Chad Wheeler with the honor for his abuse of his Ex girlfriend and his hate for that beautiful black queen. We wrap it up with "4 Black History Facts" instead of the normal useless ones.

#O4TRRadio Episode Nine: Lost In The Sauce

  On this episode AMillz and Bundoza kick it off with "OFNG" discussing "Harriet Tubman and the New 20$" and their thoughts about it. They move on to discuss the epidemic of White appropriation of the word "Red Bone" and the steps taken to identify and find themselves in the spectrum. After a break, they return for the "Topic of the night" and discuss "Conflicts of interest" including being happy for Kodak Black but being disappointed in the sexual assault allegation and so much more. Moving along to award the "N.Y.A.B." and this week it goes to "Robinhood" and other apps who stopped the everyday man from chasing their dreams this week. We close it out with the gift of "4 Useless Facts".

#O4TRRadio Episode Eight: I'm Upset!


#O4TRRadio EP Six: 2020, You Ah Bitch

  On this episode we are joined by AMillie aka Alisha Miller 1/2 of The Saucey Girls and comedian and we kick it off with "OFNG (On Foe Nem Grave)" and explain why we just need a new start with a new calendar year. We move on to discuss Young Thug's recent remarks about Jay-Z and why we love Thug but he needs to chill. It's then time for the "NYAB (Nigga You Ah Bitch)" segment and the award was given to the whole calendar year of 2020. It's been a challenge of epic proportions, learning experience and heartbreaking (RIP Kobe). We move to "Salute the Real (Supporting Black Owned Businesses) and the selections this week were @TheRealBriahBanks on IG and her new Wine Company @Blesserlabeaute. Alisha's Pick was @e_alluretresses for hair needs and we wrap it all up with "4 Useless Facts"

King SVN ft Broadway 75th - Yea Yea

  Some don't wait for a calendar switch to get a head-start on big goals and King SVN falls in that column. Bringing along Broadway, SVN changes up the pace with this latest effort "Yea Yea", Bootys will shake, speakers will quake its up to you if you’re ahead of the trend or on the porch! #DontSleep available on all platforms